The Cloudy Past

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Yes and No

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in a couple of Facebook groups where people post things from the past. A lot of places that no longer exist. Randomly, there was the one time that someone posted a picture I was in (an old little league thing). That was kind of weird.

On Sunday, there was a post about a restaurant that burned down years ago. I remember we went there twice (or maybe just once) for Thanksgiving dinner. I remember the years based on the football games since I remember a TV being on while we were waiting to be seated. At the time, my sister would have been around 2 so I have no idea why we decided to go out. Maybe Mom didn’t want to cook. It doesn’t really matter but part of me would like to know.

It is funny the gaps that exist because I remember so little else about the place. I think they had cheese and crackers set out to eat while you waited or maybe at the table. I don’t know. It just seemed cool at the time.

As far as I can remember, we never went back there so I don’t know why I felt sad reading that it had burned down. I only have vague flashes of memory but, for some reason, they all feel positive. Maybe the exact details wear away and you are left with just some pieces and an overall feeling.

It also got me to remember a bird sanctuary that was nearby. So I ran a quick search and found that it was still there. It was part of a bigger lake and it was mostly geese and swans but you could buy corn out of a gumball machine and feed the birds. I remember being there in the fall and I’m pretty sure it was just a way for Dad to get us out of the house for a bit so he could watch football in peace.

I’m pretty sure we went there on a school field trip at least once. Not sure if schools even do that anymore. I suspect if I went back, it wouldn’t seem as special. Perhaps best to leave some things as memories.

Pretty sure there are more than 100 bouncing around in there.

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