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I don’t know if people still say this now but it was something I heard growing up. An acknowledgement that March is a season of transition. Guess the reasoning is that early March is more winter than spring while the end of March is more spring than winter. Only problem is that spring is the seasons when we get big storms.

So this year, this little saying should have been reversed. (Technically, I think it can go either way so if March comes in like lamb it goes out like a lion). March 1st was sunny and pleasant. On March 31st, we caught the end of the tornado outbreak. Nothing like going to bed and then having the tornado siren blow.

We only had winds and some rain but it was enough to take down a tree in our neighbors yard. I know others were not so lucky. Nature is certainly capable of unleashing serious power and fury from time to time and it should be respected.

As we move into spring, it appears to be nesting season for more birds. There is a robin who seems to want to build a nest in a tree just outside our dining room. The only problem is the reflection off the windows which looks like a rival robin so this one has been perched outside the windows trying to scare off the intruder. Needless to say, he’s not having any luck.

Can’t imagine the thought process. I guess giving up is not an option. We might have to find a way to cover the windows and block the reflection so this one doesn’t wear himself out.

Randomly decided to go out for breakfast today. Not my idea but I went along. We stopped at a place we’ve seen from the road but haven’t visited. It is clearly family owned – the type of restaurant where they bring the kids in to avoid needing a babysitter and they sit at a booth in the back keeping themselves occupied. Place is only open for breakfast and lunch on weekends so they won’t be there all day.

Nothing much to look at but the food was good. Not the type of place that is going to attract the typical brunch crowd but we’ve got a whole slew of chain places with names the refer to eggs where you can get your avocado toast or whatever is the hot new thing. Nothing against those places (we’ve eaten there before) but I guess I prefer the place we went to today. Just a little more authentic.

Stopped at the local hardware store to get a few pansies to plant. They are cold tolerant so they are the first flowers to come out in the various lawn and garden sections. They get a little scraggly by summer but provide color now and can survive the freezes we will still get in April.

The place was starting to get busy as we left. It is cold today but it is sunny and it is April and there is just an automatic draw to do lawn things in early spring. We’ll be joining in the fun and planting annuals but not for a couple of weeks at least.

Spring comes to places at different times. My sister lives much farther north and they just got hit with heavy snow while we were having the tornadoes and storms. No flowers will be planted there for quite some time.

It is cool but the sun it out so I think it may be time for a little walk. Got that breakfast to work off.

Happy Early April!

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