The Magic of Spring

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I’ve seen things like this for other parts of the country so this isn’t unique to my neck of the woods. It is really just an acknowledgement that we don’t jump straight from winter to spring just because the calendar says it is the first day of spring. Same with the other seasons as well.

It is kind of like the color wheel. You start with just the six primary ones (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple). I guess technically you could just start with Red, Yellow and Blue since the others are combinations of those. But then you get into the red-orange and orange-red and all the various shades in between.

So we are more in the transition zone between spring and winter. Although it might still make sense to break that into two sub seasons. Winter-Spring when you start to get the first hints of spring but it is still mostly winter and Spring-Winter where it feels more like spring but winter has refused to totally go away.

Yesterday, we had our first “warm” day in a bit. Warm and cold are relative to the actual season and recent temperatures so I put quotes around it. It was sunny and beautiful the way a spring day should be and we went for a walk. Since it was the weekend, everyone had the same idea so there were lots of people out and about.

I brought up magic because, at this time of year, things change so quickly. One day, there are buds and the next day it seems like leaves just explode from the bare branches. We saw the first of the spring wildflowers coming up. I know it is just the natural cycle but it still feels a bit magical to see life springing back and the ground and trees and bushes all turning green again.

A few turtles were out enjoying the sun. I expect their numbers will grow as winter finally gives way to spring and we start getting more warm and sunny days. I’m still a summer person but spring is much more dynamic. And magical – at least to me.

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