Dance Life Update

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There’s not a lot of new stuff to talk about. We have finished the Cha-Cha routine so the plan is now to just polish it up for a performance in April and then on to the Showcase in June. Have another routine in the works but the plan is to wait for a particular coach to do the choreography. Got some new steps in Bolero and Mambo to work in to the current patterns. And working on being more free form in the Argentine Tango.

Had an interesting little snippet of conversation with PJ. I’ll start by saying I’m not the best at verbalizing how things are going or how I’m feeling about stuff. I’ll write it down here without a problem but writing is easier cause you can always just erase and start over. Anyway, I never really considered things from her point of view. She was new to the studio and still relatively new to teaching and then she gets me tossed at her by OwnerGuy.

Similar to other instructors, at first he was on the lessons but that didn’t last long and she’s been flying solo. Since I don’t always verbalize stuff and I don’t have really defined goals, it might not be easy to know if I’m really still enjoying stuff. I kind of figured that as long as I was signing up for more, that was that sign that everything was fine. Turns out that sometimes they like to hear you say that everything is good. In other words, don’t forget to thank your dance instructor from time to time.

Was talking with one of the trainees before my last lesson and he was telling me what a great dancer I was. Made a comment about how I must hear that a lot but that I probably don’t mind hearing it. Yes and no. On the one hand, it is validation of the work I’ve put in so that’s good. On the other hand, it still feels a little embarrassing.

Not going to get into a big discussion around this since it is ground that has been plowed many times before. For me, it is just balancing the fact that I do have some dance skills with the fact that there are still things that can be improved on. So just learning to accept the compliments without allowing the ego to run away.

Went to the party last night and ended up dancing with another of the instructors who wanted to tell me about a couple she’s working with. I guess the guy has set a goal of wanting to move as smooth as I do. Now, this is something I can give myself credit for because my continuity of movement has generally been pretty good.

In a way, these comments set up a little disconnect in my mind. I walked in like most people thinking I was a clutz with no rhythm. Dancing was for others who were good at it. So how can I be the person people want to watch and emulate? That’s just the thing that hits me when I hear stuff like that because it was the last thing I expected when I started this.

Ballroom can be a confidence builder but you have to learn to let it be that.

Anyway, I had a good time at the party. Sometimes, you also need to be reminded that dancing is fun.

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