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Received a catalog in the mail the other day and the front page said something to the effect that winter was over. This is just silly because we haven’t even hit the halfway point and there is still plenty of cold left. I know they didn’t mean it literally because it was just to announce that their winter stuff was on sale but one of the worst things you can do in winter is to start thinking spring too early.

But I guess this is just the nature of things now. The stores have spring stuff out and on display and maybe that is just part of what forces us to live months ahead. I know they are just selling stuff but it is like we all want to fast forward through the current season and get to the one they are promoting. And I’ll freely admit to being guilty of wanting winter to pass as quickly as possible.

Then you realize that time passes a lot faster than you think. I hear songs from my youth that are now 40 years old or so and you can’t help but wonder where did the time go. We just passed the five year anniversary of Mom’s death and it still feels like it just happened. I guess the point is that it seems kind of silly to be rooting for time to pass because it will pass and a lot faster than you think.

Maybe it is best to just take each day as it comes. The world is constantly in motion and each day is different from the day before even when it seems like winter is just a long string of grey days. Is it hard to find something joyful in certain days? Of course it is but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It sounds cliche but once the day is over, you’ll never get it back. So why be in a hurry for time to pass.

Yeah something like that.

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