Mid Week Thoughts

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One week ago was the day before the storm and cold. Today, the sun is shining and temperatures are above freezing so what little snow we received is quickly going away. The next couple of days promise well above average temperatures and rain. White Christmas to a green New Year. I’m not complaining although the only issue with above average temperatures at this time of year is you can forget how much of winter is still left.

My exercise program took a bit of a hit over the last couple of weeks due to Christmas shopping and other activities. Not that I took every day off but there were more off days than usual and that included yesterday. I’ve got an app that I use so each day I’ve got a few different exercises to do and I’ve tried to balance it out so each day works on different things. Today, I decided to double up and do yesterday’s and today’s workout. Felt good to get back on track.

At the store yesterday, the Christmas stuff had been consolidated to a few shelves and the aisles that used to contain Christmas candy are now filled with stuff for Valentine’s Day. I know stores want to move on but I’m also wondering how many people are really going to buy candy now for something that is still six weeks away.

The rest of the shelves are still being set up and I suspect they will soon be filled with exercise stuff and things to help organization as these are probably the two most popular resolutions. Always find it ironic that the Valentine’s candy is a few short feet away from the exercise and diet stuff. Mixed messages.

I’m not a big fan of resolutions only because most people set unrealistic goals and time tables and then beat themselves up for not reaching them. It isn’t easy to make a significant change to your lifestyle and then keep that up. Take diets, for example. They will usually work but if you just go back to the same unhealthy habits, whatever gains you saw from the diet will disappear. Temporary solutions don’t work. It needs to be a permanent change that you can live with.

Well that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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