The Storm Before the Calm Before the Storm

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Had my last dance lesson of the year last night. The party on Friday was fun and our routine went well. So dance is done for the year. It was a good year. I’d say one of my best but I’m actually looking forward to getting some time off to rest up.

We did a few more Christmas things this past weekend. One more to go tonight and then we’ll be done with those as well. Seems like it was forever ago that we did the first one back during Thanksgiving weekend. Even though some of them don’t change much from year to year, it just adds to the whole holiday feeling to get out and see lights and displays.

All presents have now been distributed to the siblings. I’ve got a few more to wrap for my wife but that part is also essentially done. Have received all from the siblings as well so nothing will be delayed by the mail. At this point, presents are just kind of a grab bag of random items but it is something we still do.

Today, it is sunny and the temperature is above freezing. That is all scheduled to change starting sometime on Thursday. As with most snowstorms, they really can’t accurately predict how much we are going to get but it doesn’t stop them from hyping up the largest projected totals.

And that always freaks people out. When the weather guy says “we could get up to 8 inches”, there are certain people who hear “WE ARE GOING TO GET 8 INCHES” and then they go around talking about that like it is 100% certain to happen. We are under a Winter Storm Watch and the details of the watch hint at heavy snow and high winds and then a big drop in temperatures.

So winter is going to slap us around right before Christmas. There is a party at the studio on Thursday but I wasn’t planning on attending and the weather just makes it that much more certain that I’ll be at home trying to stay warm and dry.

In past years, I’ve gone out Christmas Eve (early in the day) before things get too crowded. But with it falling on a Saturday and the projected cold, that won’t happen this year. Plus, if we do get a big snow the night before, I’ll be stuck here.

The good news is we don’t need to be anywhere so being shut in over the Christmas weekend is just fine. The only potential problem is power loss given the winds and cold temperatures so we’ll just hope that doesn’t happen.

Doesn’t really fit but I like ducks.

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