Last Practice

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The above is certainly true when you are still in fall/summer and OwnerGuy keeps the AC off. Or if it was on, it wasn’t doing a heck of a lot. The studio was a little warm. As much as I hate cold weather, I’ve been secretly hoping for a cold snap for Sunday which might make Showcase comfortable. Don’t think it is going to happen though.

My knees decided that this would be a good time to act up. We had a double lesson on Wednesday but skipped some of the dances that are tougher on the knee. I did bring out my compression braces and I upped the joint supplement I take and that has helped.

So with the pain mostly under control, we started with Swing, Mambo and Viennese Waltz. Not exactly easing into practice. But last night was one of those nights when we were hitting on all cylinders so all three of the dances went very smoothly. If I dance this way tomorrow, I’ll be happy.

It was that kind of practice. And it provides just that last little bit of confidence going into Showcase.

I’ve organized all my stuff for tomorrow so I’m not fighting with the closet tomorrow in the pre-dawn hours. Just left what I can wear to the event since I know they will be starting with smooth heats. Looks to be a long day with lots of entries but then it is always a struggle to stay on schedule.

Should be a fun day.

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