Golden Days

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I’ve found that I struggle to focus on lyrics and sometimes even the music when I’m trying to learn a piece of choreography. I guess all of my mind is on the steps and the timing so I’m more focused on trying to get the beat and not what the song is saying. That is different than just putting on a song and getting lost in it.

So I decided to give a real listen to the song they’ve picked for the upcoming formation and it really is kind of depressing. The picture above is some of the lyrics and I’ll toss in another picture later with some more. To be fair, they did explain the nature of the song when we first started but actually hearing the lyrics without having to think about what part of the dance we were doing hit me a lot differently.

And I knew the general theme was about looking back at happier times (golden days) and potentially wondering if the future would hold any more of those. It didn’t help that they mention 1979 in the opening verse and reference Farrah Fawcett and that several people didn’t know who she was. I guess cultural icons do fade over time but it was just another reminder of how long I’ve been around.

And fall is the time of year when this stuff tends to hit me the hardest. I know people love the fall colors but it is really just the leaves dying and falling to the earth. We lose all the flowers we planted in the spring and tended through the summer. The world goes silent as the summer and fall insects die off and we lose the butterflies and fireflies that made spring and summer seem alive.

So I guess I just don’t need to be reminded of “Golden Days” when I’m already feeling a little down. Summer is Golden. Fall is not even with though some of the leaves are. Winter is a grind but there is hope as you move closer to spring.

The memories that we make will never change but you can never go back to those days. They are lost forever. The memories are happy but the realization that they are all you have left of those days is sad. Of course, each new day is an opportunity to create additional memories and it isn’t like all of life is in the rear view mirror. There are still roads ahead.

My plan was to listen to the song to better understand the timing of the various sections. And it may have been the first time really hearing the lyrics that hit me harder than expected but it is going to be hard to fire that song back up again. Might have to wait for a really sunny day.

Yep, that’s about right.

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