August Already ?

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And just like that, July is over and we are into the last month of real summer. Yes, I know the calendar says summer lasts until mid September and we can certainly get summery days in September but nobody is thinking about summer in September. Everyone is all about pumpkin spice whatever.

The ballroom news is short so I’ll get to that now. The studio is planning a student formation for the Showcase in November. I can’t remember the last time we did one of these but it had to have been in the old location. Formation is a bunch of people trying to dance the same steps and the first practice is tonight.

I signed up just to see what it is all about. What I remember about formations is that they never go off like you plan. Chances are we’ll never get a practice where everyone attends. And mistakes are the norm and not the exception. It is all for fun and really just a way to have some fun.

We went to the State Fair on Saturday. They changed up the calendar last year to close on Monday and Tuesday and then run a week longer than they used to. Gives more weekends since kids are typically back in school by now and attendance on school days goes down. The State Fair is one of my favorite things to do. Can’t really explain why but that doesn’t matter. It is just fun to see all the animals and things and eat all the food.

They are doing construction on the Swine Barn to make it more usable during the year. I think they’ll rename it to “such and such pavilion” but unless they take down the old letters, it will still be the Swine Barn. So they’ve had to move animals around and it means there aren’t as many as you would see in other years. That just means we have to make multiple visits to see what we want to see.

The weather was good – temps in the low 80’s and some clouds rolled in during the late afternoon to break up the sun. Given how hot it has been, the day certainly could have been much worse. We did log about 14000 steps so the shade from the clouds was appreciated. My sister is planning a trip down here later in August so we’ll have a family day at the fair coming up.

Things are still mostly green around here but you see a handful of leaves that have changed into their fall colors. On our walk to the turtle pond, we go by some walnut trees and they are among the earliest to change and few leaves have started to drop. The squirrels are going after the acorns and walnuts because they path under those trees is filled with discarded bits of shell. They get busier this time of year and we’ll see them burying stuff for the winter soon.

Each season does have its own beauty. (Yes, even winter but not nearly as much as the other seasons) I know everyone loves the fall colors but the coming of fall does make me a little sad just because I love summer so much. Yes, it can be way too hot and humid but I prefer to be warm than cold. Well, except when I’m sleeping when cold is better. It is just knowing what is coming that triggers the sadness.

We’ve had three batches of raccoon babies with the first two grown and dispersed. As I said, we see lots of babies but the number that remain around the house tends to be stable so some of them just go off to find new places to live. The current batch have just discovered our bird bath where we have a small fountain that helps to attract more birds. Saw one this morning trying to cover the mouth of the fountain with his paws. You never know what is going to become a raccoon toy.

Unless you live where August is winter I suppose.

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