Dance Goals – They’re BACK!!

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Isn’t that enough?

So we had another chat about goals before last night’s lesson. I’ll say this for the Famous Franchise – they do seem to love their plans. To be fair, I can understand some of the reasons for this. If you know that student A wants to do X, then you can start to lay out a path to get them to that point. It probably helps to dictate the lessons and what things to teach.

And there are those who are very goal oriented and goal driven so putting something on paper gives them a thing to focus on. Plus, when you get there, I’m assuming it is very satisfying for those types of people. Like they can mentally check something off and then start thinking about the next one. In this case, the plan fits very well with what the student wants.

But then you have someone like me. My motivation is much more intrinsic. If I like doing something, I keep doing it and I want to keep getting better. Some sort of external goal often doesn’t do anything for me. I guess I’m just not wired that way. I’m just the hippie-dippie dancer doing this because of the feels. All the feels, man. All the feels.

Did decide that it was time to reach back into my dance closet and bring out some of the old dances I used to do. One problem I have is that there aren’t too many dances I don’t like but I found that it was problematic to try and keep up with a large number of them. But where I’m at right now, there is nothing further that is going to be added to several of the dances I do until I decide to get out of silver and into gold. So the immediate future for those dances is just grinding through the same patterns trying to hone my technique. Adding back some dances will help break that up.

I did set one goal and that was to do these new/old dances at the next Showcase in November. That was an easy one. The point of learning a dance is to actually dance it so why not shoot for the next opportunity. Along with that, we are working on a new routine to replace the Hustle which has now been done at multiple Showcases. So I’ve got some new things to work on.

Just don’t have any big long term goals. Its all about the feels, man.

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