Nine Years

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For the past however many weeks, I’ve tended to do a mid week Covid post. That will be coming later and my preliminary look at the numbers shows good news.

But I got a notification from WordPress that I’ve now been doing this for nine years. On the one hand, it doesn’t seem that long. On the other, the start of this feels like a lifetime ago.

Now, my history probably doesn’t show nine years worth of stuff. A couple of years ago, I removed a significant number of posts. Lots of reasons for that which I won’t get into. Still feels like the right decision given where I am vs where I was.

I can’t even really remember why I started doing this. At one point, we had a number of ballroom themed blogs but most have fallen by the wayside which is expected. As one who has danced for many years, I can tell you that people start and stop dancing all the time and for many reasons. Hard to keep up a ballroom blog if you aren’t dancing anymore.

And, keeping something like this going for all these years isn’t easy either. I’ve followed many blogs that have gone dark. Always makes me wonder what happened to the writers. But it is understandable since this tends to be a thing for younger types and trying to carve out time to bang out posts can be difficult when life happens. Lucky for me, I’m out of the work world and have time for this.

Even with time, there is always a challenge of thinking of something to say. Which only becomes a problem if you put pressure on yourself to do a certain number of posts per week. I tend to do this when the spirit moves me which means I might have several days in a row and then take a few days off. I’m sure that those who write rules for blogging would frown upon this because consistency is generally a good thing.

Anyway, a lot has happened since I started this. While I do still struggle with perfectionism, I think I have a healthier view of my dancing. Something that is good but can always be improved. Kind of the same thing with life. Every day you can try to work towards being the best version of yourself. Not sure you ever get there but the journey is worth the effort.

If you’ve been here for the entire time, I thank you. I also may have some questions about your choices (kidding!). Even if you’ve only read a post or two, I thank you as well. I mean I’m going to keep doing this until I run out of things to say or get bored with it but if you are taking the time to read what I put down, I do appreciate it.

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