The Waiting Game

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Yes, the above quote makes sense. As a homeowner, I’d probably say the best time to repair a roof is after a big storm when you can get insurance to pay for it. I mean roofs aren’t cheap. We had to do that last summer after a particularly intense hail storm. I’m not sure it is really cost effective for the insurance company when I compared the cost of the roof to the premiums we pay but they have people to work the numbers and they are still in business so I guess it all works out.

I’m currently waiting for someone to come to the house and deal with something. Nothing is broken but I guess we got some kind of deal after we had to install a new water heater last year so now someone wants to come out and inspect things. At least they were able to give us only a two hour window. We’ve had other repair type things where the window was much longer.

So I just sit and wait for the phone hoping it comes at the beginning of the window and not the end. I kind of hate this feeling of being trapped here. Odds are, I wouldn’t be going anywhere but I’d like to have that choice. Don’t limit my options.

Dad never repaired things so we never got any kind of this knowledge passed down. There are times I wish I more handy. I think that’s a guy thing. Like you are less of a man if you can’t change your own oil. But then I realize how much I would actually hate getting hands on so I’m happy to leave things to others with more skills.

But it does mean you sometimes have to wait for the call and then deal with having people in the house. Always disturbs the mojo just a bit. Oh well, as long as they don’t find anything, it will all be good.

Exactly my feelings


  1. I can relate! We just had the roof replaced after first replacing the rotted trim around the roofline. On top of those two contractors, I’m juggling appointments with the pest company, the vet, the forester doing our forest management plan, the company we’re talking to about a new heating system…oy vey 😂

    1. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff to deal with. Sounds like you’ll have a busy calendar for a bit. Good to get the heating taken care of now. Ours broke a couple of years ago while we were on vacation. Came home to a very cold house.

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