In the Merry Month of May

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Today is the first of May and I’m wondering where April went. Actually, part of me still wants to know where March went. Seems like time is just flying.

I think we had a colder than normal April. I know our Redbud trees are about two weeks behind where they were last year. The Magnolias actually had a good year since the cold kept them from coming out and we didn’t get any late freezes to kill them off. And the Dogwoods are just starting to come out. Just adds a lot of beauty when we are driving around or walking in the parks.

The hummingbirds are back. Well at least one that I’ve observed at the feeder. Waiting to see if the orioles that stopped by last year will come back. We are clearly well into spring which is still my favorite time of year.

We have planted some flowers around the house. Did all the pots first because I didn’t want to put much directly into the ground until it warms up just a bit. But there will be planting over the next couple of weekends.

I do love the little greenhouses that pop up with a wide selection of flowers. Hard to choose – I want one of everything. Certainly do have some favorites and some we plant for the hummingbirds.

Also love the garden section at the little hardware store near us. Again, lots and lots of flowers. You have to try a couple of different places because it seems everyone has a few unique things. Plus, they had a wide variety of wind spinners set up and the morning was somewhat windy so they were all going. I just find them very relaxing.

That prompted me to get ours set up in various spots. When it warms up a bit more, I’ll often spend time reading outside. On days with a breeze, it is nice to sit on the front porch and watch the wind spinners and listen to the birds while reading. Yeah, I live in the slow lane and I like it.

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