We All Want the Spotlight

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Last night, we had a dance event. This one was held outside the studio and it was a little like the showstoppers where we had an opportunity to perform a routine. One difference was that this didn’t have to be a brand new routine. So, if you were going to Showcase, this was a way to practice a routine in a friendlier environment.

There were glitches leading up to the event. At one point, it looked like there were going to be too many so they were going to limit the time of each routine so there would be time for dinner and social dancing. Then, I think that made it too similar to Showstoppers and a lot of people backed out and they then said you could do a full routine.

We did our swing and we killed it. I did have a momentary brain fade when I couldn’t quite remember a part but we got back on track quickly. Lesson is keep moving and eventually your body figures out what it is supposed to do.

One thing I get from this is that there are a whole lot of people who want the spotlight. And it isn’t all the bubbly outgoing types you’d expect. Many are introverted like me and I think it takes a lot to get out there – even in front of a friendly audience – and do something that is not part of your typical “work life”.

And maybe that is the draw. A chance to do something different. A chance to show off a little. A chance to actually be something different if only for a minute or so. Watching some of the real beginners and you can sense the nerves and the fear but there is also that spark that you get from doing something scary.

Maybe we dancers are just all a bunch of thrill seekers but we seek the thrills in a different way than others. Some people ride roller coasters or sky dive or bungee jump (maybe some of the dancers do that as well). And some of us dance with everyone watching.

It is why I like to tell newer dancers that they should try it at least once. I know this type of thing isn’t for everyone but you won’t know unless you try. Honestly, that applies to anyone who thinks “I can’t dance”. Yes, you can. You just need to give it a shot.

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