Party Peeves

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I’ve got some business to take care of early next week so I won’t be able to post anything so I thought I’d just put out one short post to close out the week.

Last night was the weekly party at the studio and I went for the first time in forever. Like most Thursdays this year, it was cold and little rainy but I decided I had stayed home for too long so might as well go have some fun on a gloomy night.

Place was packed. Good for them. Like to see the studio busy like that. I ended up dancing with some ladies I don’t normally dance with and it was a good time.

Except for the one instructor who seems to think it is his job to play matchmaker and brings a lady over to dance something I don’t dance! I suppose he can’t be expected to remember but it becomes awkward when he drags someone over and I have to turn them down because I don’t do that dance.

I suppose I could fake my way through a couple of basics but I’m just not about that. Fortunately, by the time he dragged this particular lady over and we went through the whole “I don’t salsa” conversation, the song ended and we were able to do a Rumba.

You know, sometimes, I do want to sit one out. I don’t need to dance every dance. But that goes counter to the Famous Franchise rule #1 “Thou shalt not sit out any dance!”.

At our zoo, they have a tank where you can pet sharks – assuming they swim close enough to let you. But there is a part of the pool where no touching is allowed. They have signs saying the sharks need a break from time to time. Well so do I!

Now I just imagine this particular instructor going into the rest area and herding all the sharks the out saying “nobody sits one out”.

OK, I’m done. Here’s a quote to end things.

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