The Noisy Bird

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Above is a bird called a Towhee. Got the name because the song sounds like Tow-Hee (well maybe it does or it is just power of suggestion). Despite being black, brown and white, the bird is quite striking. Like some other birds, the females don’t have the same color scheme – they are more of a dull grey than the black the male has.

They are ground feeders and we’ve had a pair underneath one of our feeders for several weeks now. And they seem to spend the entire day singing. The feeder is close to my office so while I’m on the computer, I hear them. I’m not enough of a bird expert to understand why they are singing so much. I mean we seem to have a pair so it isn’t like the male needs to attract a mate. Maybe it is just a way to claim our yard and keep other Towhees away.

Maybe what is shown above is the answer.

There are other birds that appear to be on the noisy side including the robins and cardinals. But I don’t think we’ve ever heard the bluebirds that have been very active at our feeders lately. The rest sing from time to time.

Yes, it can be quite noisy at times and some of them start at sunrise which becomes a problem the earlier sunrise is. Of course, we have the owls that sometimes decide that 3AM is the perfect time to have a little conversation. But there is still something a little magical about birds and their color and songs. The sounds of nature are more calming than the other city sounds we get here.

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