Pandemic Hold Outs

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Not related to this post – just liked the quote.

While a lot of life returns to what it was like before the pandemic, I suspect we will never get all the way back. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and it still looks like the height of the outbreak. My doctor did say that some of this was for liability reasons. Someone getting sick might blame it on an unmasked healthcare professional.

Then I had to get some blood drawn today and it was the same thing. As I was waiting, I was treated to a cycle of what were essentially commercials for this particular lab. They bragged about how the waiting area was set up for social distancing and how you could choose to wait in your car and get texted when they were ready for you.

A long time ago, I became convinced that all of this was really for show. It was designed to provide the illusion of protection without actually providing a significant level of protection. It was to make people who were especially fearful or nervous more comfortable. Maybe there was a time for that but it has long passed.

Which brings us to a little ice cream shop near us. It is local and we love it. Of course, they got shut down during the initial wave and then reopened but only for carry out. They took all the tables and chairs and put up some poles and ropes to herd us all into an orderly line and keep everyone from crowding in front of the cases. Other changes were made as well.

I had expected that they’d go back to “normal” last year as other places started to relax and readjust but it didn’t happen. We had an unusually warm day yesterday and went for an evening walk and decided to stop by for some ice cream and it was still like the middle of the pandemic there. The only change was to remove the signs asking us to keep a “safe distance” while standing in line.

I’m not sure why they’ve kept it this way but it seems like it is going to be permanent. It takes a lot away from the experience. It was a nice little place to get some ice cream and sit down for a bit while enjoying it. Not really a fan of trying to eat in my car so now we just have to get pints to enjoy later. Did see one guy who brought his own camp chair and just popped it up behind his car to sit in the parking lot and eat his banana split. Nice adjustment.

For me, I’d certainly prefer to see them go back to the way it was but it seems that won’t happen.

Again, not related but I like the thought.

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