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Going to talk about Friday’s lesson in a bit but I’ve got to deal with the weather. We got into the 70’s on Saturday so it was a day to be outside walking around and enjoying the sun and early warm temperatures. So that’s what we did.

But you know that when it gets that warm this early in the year, the cold weather is going to snap back violently. We were lucky that we didn’t get the tornado outbreak that happened in other places but the storms rolled through overnight.

The first set was around 1:30 and it wasn’t too bad but enough to wake me up. I had neglected to silence my phone and, when the second set went through around 3:30, it sounded the alarm. Trust me, there is nothing more jarring then getting that alarm in the middle of the night. Are we about to be blown away?

Not actually sure why the alarm went off but it was impossible to get back to sleep right away. I was checking the various weather apps to see what was going on. Only one station had woken up a live person to look at the radar and tell us what was going on. There was a tornado warning for the county just to the north but nothing here. We did get a brief period of heavy rain and winds and thunder and lightning.

The good news is the storm was short lived so I got back to bed. Sunday was actually nice but it rained overnight and today has been overcast with drizzle and much, much colder.

OK, now on to ballroom and the Friday lesson. Spent the whole thing going over the Swing routine. OwnerGuy was not there so we were looking at the video and trying to follow along with what he had described.

We got most of it but there was a step right at the end that was giving us fits. I’ll try to describe it. She spins in and we do a tunnel where she goes under my arms. Then, I spin around and end up with her behind me but are arms are still connected. On the video, OwnerGuy walks out of it and then somehow ends up side to side which leads to a roll in for the end.

We basically had to go frame by frame in the video counting the number of steps he took and looking at the direction. Then, we’d try what we thought we saw and, when it didn’t work, it was back to the video to see what we missed. Would love to say we got it but we didn’t. The good news is we did manage to get it few times so it is possible but I don’t yet know how to do it consistently.

And that’s probably what we’ll be working on tonight.

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