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I’ve said this before but I’m not the biggest fan of grinding through lessons. I do know that if I spent more time working on things, it would make my dancing even better. But I have this other part of me that says “we do this for fun” and too much drudgery makes it seem more like work than practice. If I was truly motivated by competitions, it might be a different story.

But I just like to perform. Put me on stage and I’m usually at my best. So I view lessons as the necessary evil to get me to that next performance.

Sometimes, I stop to think about the dances and where they came from. I mean people have been Waltzing in one form or another for hundreds of years. It is strange to think about how we are just carrying on a tradition that someone dreamed up many years ago somewhere in Europe.

Then, someone else just came up with rules and figures and tried to standardize it. I wonder if that is on balance a good or a bad thing. And what about all the other dances that people must have been doing for years. Why did just a handful of them become competition standards. I don’t know. I just get random thoughts like that from time to time.

But back to the lessons. I do also tend to be a perfectionist and my own worst critic. Hard to shake that habit. Even when something goes well, I find it hard to admit that it went well. Like it could always be better. Or when we do something and PJ says it was really good and my first take is usually to say something like “well I wouldn’t say REALLY good”.

One of those self destructive things that I know is bad for me and yet I still find myself falling into that trap more often than not.

So I was thinking of trying a little trick. I try to take notes after each lesson although I’ll admit I haven’t been as diligent as I need to be. I think what I’ll try to do is find one positive thing to write down. I mean it is easy to focus on all the things that didn’t go right but, on a lesson, there has to be at least one thing that did go OK.

I mean I know there is always going to be things that can be better. Perfection is a location you can never reach. So rather than beating yourself up for what didn’t go right, why not just look at what did go right.

Might be interesting.

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