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Today is really cold but the sun is shining and, for me, that makes it easier to take. Not that I’m going to go outside for some long walk because I mentioned that it is cold. Still, I think winter would be much harder to take if everyday was gloomy and grey.

Not sure if this is some kind of way to trick you mind or not but, during my workout today, I started counting backwards when I hit the halfway point on reps. Why did that make it feel like it went faster? I don’t know but it seemed to.

Guess it is related to how I process winter. We’ve actually just come through what is statistically the coldest time of the year. Not that we can’t still get major cold snaps but it is like the halfway point of winter. Kind of like the boost I get when the calendar turns from January to February. It is still winter and cold but February is like a sprint – it goes quickly.

Sometimes, I like to flip the calendar to see how it feels. This is the current equivalent of late July. August is still summer but it is the month when summer starts to fade and you start to get signs of the upcoming fall. So February is the reverse. Still winter but we should be seeing the signs of spring.

Signs of spring make me happy. Signs of fall make me sad. I’ve made some peace with winter but I’m still a spring/summer person.

In past years, we would be getting ready to go to a warmer place to escape for a week. That didn’t happen last year and it isn’t going to happen this year. Too much uncertainty with the whole virus thing and not being sure of entry or exit requirements, who wants to get stuck somewhere. Plus, the though of wearing a mask on a flight is a huge turn off. No more flying until the airlines give up on the mask theater.

I was a little early calling a peak in my home state. We broke the pattern and saw a small uptick early last week but have started trending down again. My part of the state is clearly past peak as the current seven day total for cases is the lowest its been since January 5th. And hospitalizations have been dropping for the last five days in a row.

Well that’s about it for now. Just some random things that were rolling around in my head.

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