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There are those who rush out to buy the latest gadgets and things and then there are couples like us. Its not that we have an aversion to new stuff but we tend to not think about replacing something that is working just fine. And also because neither one of us is real keen on big ticket shopping.

For some reason, we went on a spending/upgrading spree in the last years. Ended up with new phones, new cars and a new TV. The thing about keeping stuff for a long time is that the technology keeps moving forward and you suddenly have all these features that you never had before. Some days it feels like my new car is smarter than I am with all the sensors and things.

Some are good and some are just things that get added because they can. One other problem is that there is so much to learn and neither one of us really have the patience. Basically, we get to the stage where we can operate what we need to and then end up getting surprised when we discover new things.

Today, we added a coffee maker to the list. I couldn’t really tell you how old the one we replaced was. It still worked and it had a metal carafe which I liked and I never saw a newer model with one. But we were in a department store because as valued customers they send us coupons from time to time and we had one for 30% off. I mean how can you turn that down.

Really didn’t walk in planning on buying one but, as is typical of shopping trips, my wife disappeared in the clothing section and I was left with way too much time on my hands. I should mention that we’ve not hopped on the coffee pod bandwagon. Not really a fan. But I saw models that would do both and one that had a detachable and moveable water reservoir. Now that was cool.

Anyway, we ended up with one that had specific filters for coffee or tea. I’m the coffee person while my wife prefers tea. And this one allows you to make a pot or a cup and several other options in between. It also had a cold brew option and a foldaway frother if you wanted to make something beyond basic coffee. Oh and a scoop that actually snapped into the side so you’d never lose it.

Oh and the heating base can be controlled which is new. My parents had the old school model with the glass carafe and Mom used to make coffee when she got up at her usual early time and then it would sit in the pot on the heater and just turn really awful by the time anyone else got up.

Then we saw something called a smart mug. It sits on a base that you can program through an app. Allows you to set a temperature and a time and all that so I guess it saves you from having to microwave something if you didn’t drink it fast enough (my wife does that – I tend to stick with iced coffee). Now that is just too much technology. It cost almost as much as the coffee maker we bought. Just because you can make something “smart”, it doesn’t mean that you should.

Felt sad getting rid of the old one but, even for us, time eventually marches on and you need to get something new and shiny.

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