Let the Rain Fall

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We missed out on the real stormy weather than hit parts of the country. We’ve had a couple of springtime in December days and you always know that when you get unusually warm weather in December that it isn’t going to just go away quietly. It is like the winter gods are offended by spring like conditions spreading this far north and need to drive out the warm stuff violently.

That means today has been rainy and it is one of those weird days where the highest temperature occurs at midnight and it just drops all during the day. No more 60’s for us. It isn’t really going to get super cold but just more seasonal for December with daytime highs just above freezing. We have one more outdoor event on Saturday so that will require extra layers.

There was one casualty to the rain. I have a big poll I use to hang multiple bird feeders from. It is supposed to screw into the ground and remain stable. Unless you have a thick layer of impenetrable clay like we do which just keeps it from going too deep. It also means that when we get lots of rain, it hits the clay and kind of stops so the ground above it gets all water logged and super soft.

Plus, I can’t keep the squirrels from jumping on the feeder and I think that helps to loosen it up a bit. I noticed it was leaning and that is never a good sign. Sure enough, it came crashing down tossing the bird feeders off along the way. I didn’t want to put it back up but since there were feeders in the driveway, I did have to go out in the rain to retrieve them. Found a substitute and was able to get a couple of them back up.

Was hoping it would stay up because the ground freezing tends to hold it in place but no such luck. Hopefully, we get a couple of dry days so I can attempt to get it back up. We do have other feeders so the birds aren’t going hungry.

Well the one good thing about rain and colder weather is that I can make soups and things like that in the Instant Pot. Have a chicken stew going right now which will be perfect for a day like today.

The rain has stopped now which is good because the studio has a party tonight and it is the last one of the year I can attend. Likely would have gone even with the rain but it is hard to leave the house when it is dark and rainy.

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