Snowball’s Chance

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Saturday night was the last studio dance event of the season. For many years, it was just a night to dance to Christmas tunes and have a nice dinner and just have a good time. A few years ago, they introduced Showstoppers which was a chance for everyone to learn a short routine and then they combined that with Snowball so you get a combined event.

The venue was a little out of the way so it required a drive out of the city and into the land of small towns and now harvested corn and bean fields. But it turned out to be just fine.

The event is supposed to be dressy and I did debate that whole thing because I’m just not a tie kind of guy. Always feels artificial when I do that but I decided I might as well get into it so I did the tie along with a vest. Don’t actually own a suit or jacket so this was the best I could do.

To give people time to get there, the first hour was social/cocktail with dancing. And it reintroduced me to one of the things I find so odd about ballroom dancing. There is a part of of it that is all about the glitz and glamour and having everyone being dressy fit that. But then you get out and do something very physical. It would be like wearing a jacket and tie to the gym and working out in it. Plus, this venue did not have the temperature cranked down like most ballrooms do.

With Showstoppers being a part of this event, the typical conversation starter was “what dance are you doing?”. Along with conversation about nerves and not wanting to screw up and so on.

After dinner and a few social dances to give people an opportunity to get moving again, they started the Showstoppers. I lost count but I think we had around 20 or so routines and I’m pretty sure that sets some kind of record for the studio. That is something I’ve noticed. Not only is the studio hopping with people but there are more who are doing things like this.

OwnerGuy said the order was randomized but it was heavily done by level so the less experienced dancers were near the beginning. But so many people really killed it. Despite the nerves and having just a short time to pick up the routine, so many people did really well.

I’ve said before that there is something about doing a routine that I just love. I’ve guess I’ve just got an inner performer that needs to come out and maybe there are a lot of people like that in the studio right now.

I was second to last which I expected. Had one of those weird experiences when I was do a part of the routine and glanced into the crowed and all eyes are just locked on us. Its just a little weird at times to think about that. But we basically nailed the routine and I felt good about it. Got some high fives from the other instructors as we excited the floor.

And this was just the opening. We have more to add to make this a full Showcase routine.

After some instructor routines and some other general dancing, I left a little bit before the end of the night. And I got rid of the vest and tie for the ride home.

Anyway, it was a great night and worth the drive.

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