Time to Waste

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I was searching quote on wasting time and 99.9% of them were of the “NEVER WASTE TIME” variety. You know, get busy doing something and all that. Reminds me of my days of working fast food where the manager would say things like “Time to lean, time to clean” and “keep moving those rags” (ie always be wiping things down). It is hard to break that conditioning which is why I was pleasantly surprised to come across the above quote. At last, someone speaking my language.

Today, I woke up super early which I’m prone to do. Light sleeper and years of getting up way too early have set some type of internal clock. So I got up just to do a few things and then decided to go back to bed because it was far too early. I woke up significantly later than I usually do.

Plus, I had a few assorted aches and pains. Honestly, I’m at an age where something always hurts a little bit. The arthritis also adds to that. As I was eating breakfast and thinking of all the things I should be doing, another voice told me that maybe this was just a good day to really do a lot of nothing. Of course, the definition of “nothing” varies from person to person but I did skip my workout and just decided to rest most of the day. Every now and then, I’m forced to accept that I’ve got a lot of mileage and sometimes, it isn’t good to just try and push through it. Think I made the right call.

This morning was also foggy and I love the fog. Kind of strange that a foggy day can brighten your spirits but it does for me. Fog just doesn’t feel as gloomy as dark clouds.

Topic shift – on to some ballroom stuff. PJ is on vacation part of this week so my lessons yesterday and today were cancelled. Ended up deciding to go to group class last night which also helped with my mood. It was on Waltz and the step was a spiral turn which is one I love to do. The toughest part is the rotation where the leader comes around the follower but all the ladies I danced with handled it really well.

I’ve discovered one downside to being a more advanced student. There were several ladies who kept asking me if they did the step right. There was a part of me that wanted to say that if I knew the ladies part, I’d be an instructor. But I also know how it feels to be a little lost while trying to learn a step. So, unless there was a major breakdown (which there wasn’t), I would tell them they did just fine.

Did have one lady comment on my leading which is one reason I like to go to these group classes. Not to get the comments but to get practice on leading. It is something you can really only learn by doing and having to lead a step with multiple different partners at different skill levels is a great way to practice.

I did pay for Medal Ball last night so I guess I’m sort of committed to going now. I know it won’t be that bad as I expect. I complain about events but usually manage to have a good time at them.

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