The Cold Rainy Day

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Well I wasn’t that crazy!

September is normally closer to summer than to fall just like March tends to be closer to winter than spring. But you can get those days that remind you that the bulk of the warm days are behind you and give you a preview of the cold to come.

Wednesday was like that. The temperature dropped significantly and it rained most of the day. Rain changes depending on the season. A couple of months ago, we got caught in a summer shower and got soaked but it wasn’t all together unpleasant. Yesterday, you would not want to be caught out in the cold rain because cold and wet is a bad combination.

Yes, this one finally did as well.

When you get the all day rains, you sometimes wonder how in the world there can be that much water in the sky. I think about places where they don’t get enough rain and how inefficient is seems for nature to just dump that much in one place and not nearly enough in other places. It feels like we should have some way to gather at least some of this rain and find a way to get it to the dry places but I guess that just isn’t practical.

And an all day rain with the shift in temperatures does not do good things for those of us with sinus issues. Plus trying to recover from the COVID so the weather really didn’t help that at all.

Still, the rain did stop and the sun came out yesterday but it did not warm up at all. Granted the sun felt better than the rain and cold is a relative term. If we had this weather in the middle of January, it would be a welcome relief. But after coming off a late summer stretch, it just felt colder and wrong in some ways. Had to turn on the heat for the first time which is always a sign of things to come.

Not sure Ralph ever saw an all day day cold rain. Not really much beauty there.

Still, this is just a temporary thing. Temperatures are supposed to rebound this weekend. The trees are still mostly green and, while the annuals look a little long in the tooth, they are still adding color to the world. So it doesn’t yet feel like fall even with the cold and rain. But I think the last of the hummingbirds has bugged out to head south for the warmer weather. Seems like they left right on the first day of fall – like they had a calendar in their head saying it was time to go. Might get some late stragglers but I think they are gone until spring.

Wanted to just briefly talk about ballroom since I had a lesson on that cold, rainy night. Trust me, it was kind of hard to leave the house in the dark knowing it was cold and wet out there. Plus, I had a double since PJ is out today. It didn’t go too badly but with the left over cough and lack of activity during the COVID thing, I know I need time to build back up some stamina.

While we were on the lesson, another instructor was working with a new couple and so he asked us to demonstrate some East Coast Swing because they were enjoying it and he wanted them to see what it turns into. This seems to happen a lot and it makes me feel like a dancing billboard for the Famous Franchise. I do have mixed emotions about this type of thing. I don’t mind doing something that may help inspire a new couple but it also seems a bit like false advertising knowing how long I’ve been doing this. They won’t even see some of the steps until upper Bronze and that’s a bit away from where they are.

Actually, I was just happy that enough of the Swing came back to me that I was able to dance a few steps without going into the Silver stuff. But despite some reservations, I’m mostly happy to share and let people see what something can turn into.

With that, I’ll call it a day.

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