Imperfect Delivery

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So the first delivery did not go as planned. The first thing to arrive was the new TV stand. I got a text with my window for delivery which said 3:15-6:15. A little later than I’d like but, due to a mix up with the dance schedule, I didn’t have a lesson tonight so I was free to wait.

I also had the ability to check the status during the day. Early in the afternoon, I checked and they had narrowed the window to 4:30-5:00. So far, so good. Well then it got pushed back and then it got pushed back again. And yet again. I finally got a call at 6:15 saying they’d be there in about 30 minutes which just meant that the original window was way off.

I can understand. You can only do so much in estimating how long it is going to take to deliver and set up a piece of furniture. A couple of things go wrong and the whole day gets backed up. Plus we are having the hottest weather of the summer right now and it isn’t a great day to be moving furniture around.

After the 30 minutes had elapsed, I did one more check and the truck showed up on the map. Got to love GPS and the map apps that give you the ability to closely track something. We heard the truck drive up and then the guy called to say it would be another 15-20 minutes. I wanted to say “But I can see your truck at the end of our driveway”.

I think he had to call and just forgot along the way since they got out right away and walked up. Our driveway is no fun for delivery folks with big trucks because they can’t get up and it means bringing the furniture up the driveway. Fortunately, this wasn’t a heavy piece and they got it in just fine.

But then we noticed it was wobbling quite a bit. Turns out there were four plastic feet on the bottom and two had been knocked off somewhere along the way. The guys had some felt pads which is a temporary fix. Since it was after five, customer service was closed and there was no way to replace it that night. They did take photos and we were told that customer service would figure it out tomorrow.

Serious let down to wait all day and then get an imperfect piece of furniture. It is functional. It isn’t 100% stable but it should be close enough. We just hope it is an easy fix and that the TV delivery doesn’t suffer from similar issues.

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