And the Rains Came

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We didn’t get a chance to go for a walk in the afternoon so we waited until early evening. I heard my phone give off its little weather chime but many times it isn’t for real severe weather so I didn’t get up to check. As we were leaving, we noticed the clouds were thickening and when I checked, there was a severe thunderstorm warning for the area.

If it had been actively raining, we would have stayed home but my app said we had 31 minutes before things broke lose. Figured that might be enough time and the storms looked to be localized so they might even miss us. I suppose you wonder what kind of people would just ignore the warning and go out. Probably a lot of people – but it is kind of Midwest thing to go stand out and look as storms approach.

We did have umbrellas but I mentioned they likely wouldn’t be much good because the wind would send the rain everywhere. There was no wind at the time but the wind always comes with the thunderstorms. We passed two women walking the other way so we weren’t the only crazies out in a warning. Got to the pond, saw no turtles and it started to sprinkle a bit so we headed back.

Stopped to watch some young ducks in the creek. At this point, they are no longer yellow and fuzzy so they just look like mini ducks.

And then the skies opened up. Ever been out in a heavy rain and it looks like you are about to walk through a wall of water? That’s kind of how it felt. Not a lot of lightning and thunder but enough to know that it was a thunderstorm. As predicted, the umbrellas were all but useless. It did keep the top of my head and shoulders dry but that was it.

It is also when you realize that wearing tennis shoes with mesh isn’t a great thing. My socks were totally soaked.

As we got closer to the car, we again passed the two ladies who had to go back in the opposite direction to get to their car. I think they may have been trying to hide out under the trees but the trees don’t help when the wind is sending the rain everywhere.

At some point, you just accept that you’re going to get wet and it isn’t the end of the world. We aren’t going to melt so you laugh at yourself for being silly enough to ignore the warning. Good thing we didn’t have anywhere to go except back home.

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