The Masked Dancer

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Last night, Z was out sick so OwnerGuy had to slide over and take her lesson. He left me in the capable hands of my new instructor who still needs a name. Plan was to just go over what we knew about the routine, maybe try it with music a few times and see how it all would shake out. Think Z was down with some allergy/sinus type stuff happens around here at this time of year. If the pollen don’t get ya, the rapid temperature changes will.

I will get to how the lesson went a little later. First, the whole “dancing with a mask” thing kind of messed me up. Not exactly sure what the heck is going on but maybe it just shook a whole bunch of gunk loose cause I was coughing like crazy last night. Couldn’t really sleep that well and I’m still feeling it a bit this morning. So I decided to put myself on the shelf again today and just deal with the taunting from my fit bit.

I did work out yesterday morning without any problems but that was all strength training and I wasn’t wearing that stupid mask. I guess doing an activity where breathing is critical with the combination of cold/allergy and the mask may not have been the smartest thing. I’m sure it also didn’t help that I sometimes forget to breathe while doing a routine. I remember being more winded than expected after a couple of runs which is usually the tell.

So I guess we’ll just take it easy this weekend and see how things go. Next lesson is on Tuesday so there is time for whatever this is to move on and out.

But you didn’t come here to read about my battles with upper respiratory stuff. Let’s talk about the lesson.

First impression is that this thing is a lot faster than I expected for a Tango. But that’s always the case at first when you try to go to timing. I still don’t have the whole thing quite down yet so you get those moments when I’m flipping through my mental flash cards trying to find the next step and then you have to hurry through to make up for the lost moments. There are other places where it just feels like we should hang out for a bit but we need to keep moving.

And it was tough with two other couples working on routines and a newbie on a lesson. OwnerGuy designed this thing to move so you kind of have to hope people stay out of your way. A couple of times we had to detour or stop just to avoid running someone over. That won’t be a problem at the Showcase so I’m not worried about it.

OwnerGuy still needs to tack on an ending and then we need to practice the heck out of it. If I think about Showcase being just three weeks away, it gets a little scary. But I also know this is a brand new routine with a brand new instructor and it isn’t going to be close to perfect come Showcase. The basic goal is to just get through with no major issues. If we keep posture and frame, it’s going to look dramatic and cool and most people won’t really know if make a minor correction or two along the way.

And if I can remember to breathe, that would probably help.

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