Back to the Middle and Around Again

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When you’ve gone through as many instructors as I have, there are many bits and pieces of routines that were never finished. Dances that get dropped. Dances that get added. If I thought about all the money I spent on those paths I never got to finish, I’d probably just walk away and never do this again. But, for me, while finances are certainly a factor, they aren’t the biggest factor. It is disappointing to think about the unfinished routines but, sometimes, you just have to accept that life has other plans.

Should I count up the number of instructors I’ve worked with? No, that would be kind of scary. Once again, I’m faced with starting all over again. So what to do???

As promised, OwnerGuy did call me and we had a nice little chat. At first, we talked about the work I was doing with Mini. The Quickstep routine was written down and he thought he could work with it. But I just don’t think that is the right path anymore. I did love doing the standard dances and maybe it is something I come back to but it just wouldn’t be the same. I learned so much from Mini and I think I’d always end up comparing back to the few times we actually got to dance something. Why put my new instructor in an unfavorable comparison right from the start. Doesn’t seem like the smart thing to do.

As he did with JoNY, OwnerGuy is going to work with me and my latest instructor. Believe I mentioned that she worked at another Famous Franchise so she’s not completely new to dancing. But he’ll start until she’s in a place to take over.

But what to do? Go back to the Silver III stuff? Not right now. I really was looking forward to doing the Showcase in November and so we decided that would be the place to start. Have to dream up a new routine and a new song and new choreography but there’s plenty of time to do that. Right?????

For me, there is also that special awkwardness of working with a new person. It just takes me a bit to warm up to someone – just the way I’m wired. And there is the whole thing about getting used to each other since everyone moves just a bit differently. So it seems to make sense to me to just start with one goal – get a routine together for the Showcase. Give us some time to work together with a single goal in mind. What comes after that? Probably depends on how the next month goes. I mean I certainly want to continue dancing but I don’t want to force it.

The biggest decision now is what to do. I have some ideas but I need to think them through. I do have an overall goal though which is to just pick a dance and a song that are fun and just freaking dance. This year has been a series of body blows and I really just want to put it behind me and have a little fun. That’s my goal.

So, the next chapter in the dance journey starts on Thursday. What comes after is still up in the air. But I’m OK with that. We’ll just see what life deals out and adapt, improvise and overcome.

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