An Empty House

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We had hoped for more time but it wasn’t to be. I guess the cancer was too far advanced and Rocco rapidly went downhill once we got him back from the hospital. I thought he was going to die in our driveway this morning when he collapsed and was panting like crazy. That’s when it became clear that his time with us was done.

Got him inside, got him comfortable again and gave him breakfast (eggs) and some cookies. Then I had to call the vet to arrange it. We had time with him at home to sit with him and pet him and tell him what a good boy he is. Then, we took him for his last car ride.

This is the first time in over 15 years that we don’t have a dog in the house. It hasn’t really sunk in yet but it will tonight when his bed is empty.

Death is this odd combination of tremendous grief and having to think about odd things. We were discussing what to do with the dog begs. When the other two passed, we still had a dog in the house so it was an easy decision to keep things. Now we have all this assorted dog stuff and we have to decide what to do.

At some point, I will get another dog. They just make things so much more fun that I can’t imagine life without a furry friend in the house. But not right away. For now we have tears and memories.

One last word to all dog owners – take lots and lots of pictures and videos. You can never have enough and you don’t have them forever.

Goodbye Rocco. You were the best.


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