Comfort Zone

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No ‘rona numbers today. Monday is always a low day and it is not reliable for looking at trends.

Hard to believe that September is only two weeks away. We have a few leaves giving it up early and falling when the wind blows. Today, the temperature didn’t hit 80 and, with the rain, it felt much more like fall than summer.

I’m having some strange mixed feelings on things. I was out earlier getting my allergy shot and, I suddenly felt relieved that it was Tuesday and not Wednesday because it meant I didn’t have to leave the house again. Now, it is later in the day and I’m feeling like I need to be out and doing something. Like staying in seems so attractive until I’m staring it in the face. Then I just think “Is this all there is”.

I guess it is still just how everything still feels so “wrong”. Like, after the allergy shot, the nurse is wiping down anything I might have touched. I know it is all the protocol but it is just a weird sensation to think that they have to continue to treat us like we are potentially toxic.

We currently have a burned out bulb in the refrigerator. Not a big deal. In normal times, I’d just pop on over to the hardware store and pick up a new one. Could still do that but given the need to have to wear a mask, it feels like I should wait until I need a few more things. I can’t figure out exactly why.

Could always just order one on Amazon but part of me doesn’t want to do that either. I use Amazon. I like the convenience. But I also have this thing in the back of my mind that doesn’t want to totally trust a huge giant company that knows a lot about me and seeks to drive all other retail out of business. They seem evil as well as convenient. So I’ll wait until I need a few more things so I can support the local hardware store.

We are having some problems with Rocco the wonder dog. He’s at a very advanced age for a dog his size and his back legs seem very stiff and sore. The dog who used to just love to go, go, go now needs multiple breaks on every walk. Plus, getting him in and out of the car is becoming more of a problem. And even getting him up the three little steps leading out the house can be an adventure. It just adds to the overall sadness. Nobody likes to see their dog getting older and slower and having to start thinking about life without them.

Sorry, that was a bit of a downer. Probably should end this here.

Right now, I just want to be sitting at the end of that dock.

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