2020 Fatigue

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Yes, but when??

Unlike parts of the country, we don’t get fed a steady diet of heat and humidity in the summer. And when the humidity breaks, the drier air just feels amazing. Had that on Friday and I’m outside in the yard enjoying it and thinking how this would have been a perfect night for the outdoor concerts we had pre-Covid.

Anyone else just tired of this whole thing? I’ve basically imposed another news blackout for the weekend although it isn’t total because when I go to YouTube to watch my raccoon feeder, I see the videos for some of the news sources I follow. Just endless and relentless stories of bad things and panic.

Not sure about tomorrow. Check back with me in 2021!

I do still follow the numbers which maybe part of the reason I’m just getting burned out by all of this. One problem is that we don’t have any sort of standardization between the states. We don’t even have really consistent definitions of what is a Covid case – so they can use “probable”. And we get data dumps that combine several days in one so what looks like a huge spike in cases may not be. We get the same spikes in deaths which are just states catching up so many of them occurred long before they were reported.

So I have a few twitter accounts from people who do better work than I do and who go beyond the panic line from the network news. It is clearly all not roses and sunshine here but it also isn’t impending Armageddon. Other places around the world are seeing second waves so who knows when this thing winds down.

These are the days when I wish I had a remote with a fast forward button for life (borrowed the concept from the movie Click). Just wake me up when we are at least closer to normal.

Sometimes, I’m just in the mood for a sad song. And some voices just hit me the right way.

Just a random music interlude. Weird that I get down and sometimes I like to listen to some sad songs. Not the biggest fan of country music but there are certain voices that just speak to me. Like this one. In these COVID days, I wonder how many of us are that lonely now?

That’s all I’ve got for now. Just days where this grind gets a little hard to take.

Again, check back with me in 2021!

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