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Do you ever feel like we are soon going to be forced to choose a side? What if I don’t want to play for either team?

Is it possible that social media is going to destroy society? Would love to go forward in history and see how the future judges the creators of these things.

People say they want conversations but rarely do. They really want to just give you their opinions and make you agree with them.

Do you ever wonder if anyone really understands the ‘rona virus? Or are the ‘experts’ just making shit up as they go along?

I see where the papers are trying to start the panic up again. Not sure anyone is in the mood to listen anymore.

Why do I feel like something about the whole virus thing has changed. We keep finding cases but the death rate is dropping. Too many false positives? Or did it mutate into something less severe? I’d ask the experts but they wouldn’t have a clue.

I just got my renewal for our local paper. One habit I picked up from my parents was getting a newspaper – always have everywhere I’ve lived. This was the first time I thought about cancelling.

I mean I really mostly read it for the sports and comics and for the Sudoku on Sunday (I find that relaxing). Its a lot of money to spend for that. Plus I really don’t find most of the comics funny – but I keep reading them. Why? I don’t know.

Theoretically, it is the only good source for local news. But now that the USA Today-ed nearly every local paper, I don’t think that’s true anymore.

Plus, I’ve lost a whole lot of trust in our media – especially lately. When you see misleading headlines and panic click bait, it is just hard to take them seriously.

In the end, I decided to go ahead and renew. I mean football season is coming up (in theory).

The first sport I ever really watched was baseball. In a time when we desperately need distractions, it is ridiculous that the two sides can’t find a way to get back on the field. Talk about making yourself irrelevant.

Deep Space Nine (yes a Star Trek reference) had a recurring theme about baseball. In that future, it eventually faded to nothing as fans stopped coming to the games. Nothing lasts forever and maybe this will kill baseball.

We ordered from Cheesecake Factory on Saturday. My wife still doesn’t want to go to a restaurant so we had it delivered. They include a couple of pieces of their bread so it is more like the restaurant experience. Its a small thing but the small things matter.

Did I mention that I planted a couple of perennials on Sunday. Also got some of the last annuals to fill in some gaps. It is kind of fun to see stuff you’ve planted come back year after year.

Still waiting to hear from OwnerGuy to confirm whether I have my first dance lesson since lock down tomorrow. Have to let you know how that turns out.

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