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It looks like we are joining the parade of places starting to open back up. The most important thing to me is that the allergy shot clinic is going to be back in business starting next week. Since I’m continuing to get pollen alerts, this comes at a good time. Nothing worse than having to try and suppress coughing outside because people think you’ve got the plague. I swear it is only the tree pollen.

Of course, it will not be business as usual. Instead of walking in when you feel like it, all shots will require an appointment. And you have to text when you arrive to make sure there is space for you to sit (you have to sit for 15-20 minutes after the shot to make sure there is no immediate bad reaction). Also, they require a mask or face covering. Still it is better than nothing.

I guess some malls are due to open back up in the next week as well. Saw the story that they’ll have masks and hand sanitizer at the doors and something about temperature screening as well. All store personnel are going to be masked. I would assume that the individual stores can still choose to remain shut so I don’t know if everything is going to open up.

I’ll be honest, I’m not in a hurry to rush out and go shopping. I think there are places where it makes sense. We’ve got states that are only seeing new cases in the single digits and it makes more sense there. I’m not convinced we are truly on the downward slope. Given that it takes about two weeks for new cases to show up, I think I can go another month without going to the mall just to make sure we don’t see a new spike.

So have you heard about Pepcid and the latest round of panic buying/hoarding. Turns out there are places experimenting with using that as a treatment for the beer virus. Which explains why you can’t find the stuff even though the articles state that the medical treatment is in high quantities and under medical supervision. Popping a Pepcid isn’t going to save you.

Normally, I wouldn’t care about this but I’ve been giving Rocco generic Pepcid to help with his stomach. The chemo he’s on sometimes seems to lead to a lot of acid and that leads to vomiting and other not fun things. We’ve learned to tell when he’s not feeling good and the Pepcid does seem to help. May have to call the vet and see if there is another option.

No word on whether the studio plans to reopen. I don’t know where they fall in the whole staged opening list. They’ve been posting a lot of pictures on their Facebook page of some of our last events and bigger parties. I know it wasn’t that long ago but it feels like a lifetime ago.

Maybe it is just quarantine fatigue but the longer I stay out, the less connected to dance I feel. Once again, thoughts of “should I go back” start to run through my head. It is great for many reasons but I don’t know when or if they’ll be able to do another event like Showcase. One would think fall but can we say that we certainty.

Plus I know there is a lot of review that is going to be required. It doesn’t quite fire me up as much as maybe it should. Like I said, this is probably just some quarantine fatigue speaking. Can’t help the feelings though.

Tomorrow is the last day of April. One hopes May will bring better things.

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