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I know it is just a movie but there’s a lot of truth to these words. We certainly have the fear. An enemy that we can’t see is turning us into a world of shut ins. And there is a lot of anger about this. I’ve talked about this before. It is kind of human nature. There’s a bad thing out there. It shouldn’t be there. Someone should have protected us from it. So we get angry about that.

And there is certainly plenty of hate to go around as well. My sister in law has posted two really hate filled rants on Facebook against the person she chooses to blame for all of this. It is so bad that I’m kind of thinking of muting her for a bit. The thing about venting hatred is that it may seem like it makes you feel better but it really doesn’t.

As far as the suffering, well if she’s kind of wrapped up in her anger/fear/hate bubble, then she’s the one who’s suffering. There is really no reason you should ever let someone else have that much power over you and your happiness.

I’m not about to get any more into politics here because I’ve made my feelings on that known before. In my opinion, there are very few governments and global agencies that don’t share some responsibility for the situation we are in. But, I also acknowledge that this type of serious global emergency is kind of hard to adequately plan for. Pretty much everyone is reacting and doing what they can to put out the fires.

Could we have taken steps that would have kept the flames down? Sure, we probably could have. But we have to deal with the present we have and not the hypothetical. The important thing is to beat this back and then try to learn from what we could have done better. The problem is that the next thing could be totally different and require a different set of solutions.

There are two places here in town that have large displays of flowering bulbs which are just now starting to put on their show. Of course, both places are closed to the public so the flowers will bloom without an audience. I know in the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t rank as a serious problem but it kind of illustrates all the little things that this situation has taken from us.

Just noticed the error in the quote – I’ll leave it though because I like the sentiment.

And maybe the lesson from this is to not take anything for granted. Which is easy to say but hard to do. Still, when we all eventually get to come out from our forced hibernation, it would be good to take time to enjoy the little moments that each day can bring. You just never know when something might not be there.

I was never much of hoarder/prepper. I will say that for a time, I would buy shelf stable stuff when it was on sale. It just made sense because you’d get to it eventually. Kind of got out that habit because my wife would look in the pantry and then say we needed to eat all of it so we started just buying what we needed for the week. The only exception was paper products (including TP) because you could always find a coupon and the stores used to run lots of sales. So, even if we didn’t need it, we’d buy if we could take advantage of that. It helps that we have room to store the stuff. It is why I didn’t need to panic during the great shortage.

Now we have a fully stocked pantry and a boatload of various protein sources in the freezer. The shock of seeing empty shelves was not something a lot of us were used to. So I wonder if this will now be some kind of new normal and we’ll all turn into mini-preppers. The great depression was a much longer event but I know that influenced my parents so it just makes me curious how people will react to this event.

Well that’s about all I’ve got. Have already done my workout for the day. Kind of shocked as to how much I can get done with my strange assortment of equipment. When the time comes, I’ll still get back to the gym but it is nice to know I can figure out a way to get a lot done at home.

We’ve also taken the dog for his walk. Well I’m sure he’ll want another one later but at least he’s been out once. At his age, he’ll need to nap for a bit to store up energy in case he wants a second one. Its a nice sunny spring day, so I think I’ll wrap this up and go take a walk (have to sneak out without the dog finding out)

Stay safe and healthy and know we’ll come out of this.

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  1. I’m grateful for the silence and rest. The last few weeks at work have been brutal. I’m not happy about potential exposure to Louisiana coronacooties via Sunshine, but they got me a 14 day break so there’s that

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