Panic Zone Ahead

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With schools closed right now, I think all the parents headed out to the various grocery stores knowing they were going to have to feed their kids. Saw plenty of people talking about stores running out of bread and lunch meat and things like that. I was actually out today in one store and every cart had a package of toilet paper.

Seriously, you aren’t going to be shut away for a year!

Full disclosure – we have space so we tend to buy a lot of paper products. First, because there are always coupons for toilet paper, paper towels and Kleenex. Secondly, because the store we shop typically also has other deals – like by a certain quantity and get a gift card. Which means I haven’t had to worry about the recent panic regarding toilet paper.

There was an article titled “why people are hoarding” and I decided not to read it because there is no good reason for it. People will make up reasons that sound logical to them but there isn’t really any logic behind it. And the shelves were empty of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer. Wonder what the next thing to go will be. Better not be dog food because I’m going to need some of that soon.

So what do we do in the days of “social distancing”. I’m not trying to make light of the situation because we’ve seen that this is something to take seriously. But prepared doesn’t mean panic. I really wish there was some kind of disclaimer around “experts” who paint worst case scenarios that seem out of line with the actual numbers. To be honest, I’m a little concerned about the numbers in Europe because they seem to be climbing and could get out of control pretty quickly. If we have other countries go the way of Italy (and Iran), things could get ugly.

Subliminal message – cute animal just to make you feel good

We are drafting for our fantasy baseball teams tomorrow although it isn’t clear if or when there will be a baseball season so this could all be a waste of time. Yet, it is a distraction and we kind of need all the distractions we can get.

More cute baby animals, just because

In the meantime, spring is starting to arrive. No daffodils are open yet but some are close. Saw some early leaves on a few bushes this evening while walking Rocco. We have a pair of owls that have been around – I’m wondering if they have a nest nearby. That would be cool. Nature just rolls right along not caring about us hiding in our houses behind stacks of toilet paper.

We do need to do some shopping tomorrow as well. I suppose I could have bought some yogurt when I was out but she’s a little picky about the brand and flavors so better to let her pick. Unless the dairy aisles were decimated as well. I’m going to be curious what the place looks like.

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