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I was actually planning on getting to the gym today because it would feel like real progress to go every day in a week. Then, last night, at the studio party, I noticed how much certain parts of me were hurting. Woke up this morning with another splitting headache and the arthritis in my hands was acting up. Thank you to the cold damp weather of the wonderful midwest.

Long story short, I had to accept that my body can’t be pushed as much as my mind would like to. So I’ve slapped on my hand braces which do help and I’m staying in and watching it snow outside. Technically, it is snow because you can see it but it isn’t sticking so it is just more like white rain.

I am going in on Monday to start a new series of injections in my right knee. The last set was over a year ago so I’m hoping I get the same level of relief this time. Being able to exercise more and doing more leg strengthening stuff is helping. I’ll have to talk the orthodoc about the hands. I’ve got my exercises and braces but maybe they could use some kind of injection as well. It is so much fun when your joints decide to declare war on you.

Got a text from the work daughter while we were on vacation. She’s looking at a new position and wanted me to be a reference. Haven’t heard if she got the position or not. But, while talking with the HR person, she asked if I would hire the work daughter again. I said that hypothetically I would but I’m retired now so I’m not hiring anyone.

I’ve used that R word here but I’m not sure how often I’ve ever spoken it. Kind of like I’ve got this half mind that says I’ll eventually get tired of this and go back to doing something “productive”. Like I don’t want to totally close that door for some reason. But I guess it is a step forward to actually tell someone I’m retired. Still sounds weird.

Warning, I’m going to be a little mean here.

I’ve had two lessons with Mini on West Coast Swing. Last night, she had the pleasure of teaching a group class for the upper Bronze age dancers. And this showed me why I’ve avoided doing more West Coast Swing. As a dance, I love it. Dancing it with people who don’t know what they are doing – that I don’t love at all. (Sorry, told you I’m going to be a bit mean here)

I suppose I need to learn more patience. I have a lot of patience when dancing with newcomers or even lower Bronze age dancers because they are still new to there dance journey. But you get to the higher level of Bronze, and I just think you really should know some things and it gets super frustrating when people don’t.

The first problem was the people who just didn’t get it. I really wanted to scream “Come on people! This just isn’t that difficult.” I know. Patience. I didn’t scream though.

Mini tells everyone that West Coast is all about the connection but since they don’t really do a great job of teaching lead/follow, all of that gets lost. In oversimplified terms, in West Coast, the follow (usually lady) stays on a track and basically doesn’t change directions until the lead indicates she should. That’s all done through connection. I remember years ago doing West Coast with the Statue and she came at me full force on the sugar push but that’s what you are supposed to do because it creates the connection that just makes the dance move.

But if you’ve got a bunch of follows just doing their own thing, then there is no real reason for the lead to be there. If I’m going to signal for a turn and you’re just going to keep barrelling straight ahead, then we really aren’t doing West Coast and you don’t need me there. Had one lady keep making excuses and then the evil part in me was thinking “stop making excuses, work on getting better”.

And that’s when I really understood why two of the stronger male leads stopped coming to group class. I’m seriously tempted to just start doing the lower Bronze groups.

I know, I know. Everyone is in a different place in their dance journey. It just becomes frustrating when you do pro am and you spend a great deal of time on lead/follow and then you dance a group where the followers really have no intention of following.

OK, I’ll stop being mean.

So I guess this weekend, the powers that be decide to steal an hour that they’ll give back in November. Yea! More daylight in early spring when it is still generally too cold and wet for outdoor activities.

Alright, time to end this.

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