Hiding from Reality

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We’ve been back for a couple of days and I was going to do a little post vacation wrap up but I can’t find the right words. It seems to be hard to make the adjustment back to reality. And, besides, we are kind of boring travelers so the things we do probably wouldn’t interest a lot of people.

For example, we made three trips to the Butterfly farm so my wife could take lots of photographs. And also so we could just sit in the shade and watch the butterflies flit around. Very relaxing. Had a couple land on me which the people at the farm said was good luck and that you should make a wish. Anyway, if there was an opportunity to be around animals, we took it.

There were also times to just sit around and enjoy the nice breezes. I was getting used to my t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. The other nice thing was that our only “news” source was the local little paper which had a few stories but you could easily put all that aside and just pretend the rest of the world didn’t exist.

To be clear, I’m not a big consumer of corporate news. In this new environment, everything is about getting eyeballs to view their sites. That means a whole lot of click bait and shock headlines and everything is a crisis of some sort of the other. To be honest, I really hate what the American media has become – seems like they only exist to keep people in a perpetual state of fear and anger.

Then, I get back and I’ve got a stack of bills to pay and got the taxes back from the accountant so I’ve got to plan out how to pay both our taxes and the estimated taxes for this year. April just sucks. Too much adult stuff and I want to just run back to where it was warm and I didn’t have to think about all these things.

Mostly I just picked this because of the cute dog!

Certainly, I’m never going to follow through on any of this. Maybe it is just the fact that I’ve been the one managing the money and finances for so long that I’m just tired of it. I don’t want to make any decisions harder than which place to go for breakfast. But reality is what it is and I can’t just up and leave things all behind. I mean we were staying in a resort and they’d eventually want to get paid so I could only ignore bills for so long.

Vacation is a nice fantasy

One fun thing at the hotel was a book exchange. I think they know that lots of people come just to sit on the beach or by the pool and read. Me, I was reading in the lobby because it was big and open and they had comfortable chairs and a nice breeze. I finished one book and dropped it off and then it disappeared. I don’t know why that kind of fascinates me, but it does. Like I’m linked to some strange person through this paperback. Then, the reality hits and with that stupid virus, you wonder people will just stop doing things like this. Touching something someone else touched! No, you can’t do that.

I couldn’t help but think about that at the airports on the way home. I mean you are sitting at a terminal in a chair used by who knows how many other people during the day. Part of me likes to just wonder about where they were going and then the other part of me gets a little germaphobic. Riding the shuttle between terminals and holding on to the metal pole and thinking about how many other hands had been on that during the day…. Wouldn’t really have paid attention except for the virus that is in the news.

The good news is that we are having early spring like weather. It snowed while we were gone (not sorry I missed it) and it was cold the night we got back. But now things are feeling a little more like spring. Saw my first turkey vultures yesterday. I know, how can you get excited about such an ugly bird but they are one of the true signs of spring. Waiting for red winged blackbirds, mockingbirds and when the gold finches change color. See, nature gives you all these clues if you just know how to read them.

I don’t suppose you can even call them “ugly cute” but when they fly, you can’t see the head.

So vacation is over and it is back to my routines. Like I said in a previous post, I’m happy to get back to the gym and dancing. Just wish I didn’t have to leave the sun, sea and sand behind.

Well maybe not every choice but the vast majority of them

And one last observation to leave you with. I was watching Frozen 2 on the plane ride down (don’t judge! I watched other movies as well). Not going to give you a review but there is a song that Olaf sings about things making sense when you are older. The last lines were “cause when you’re older absolutely everything makes sense”. I have to think this is a complete parody or otherwise Disney is just giving kids a real false impression of adulthood. You never get to the point where everything makes sense. And I’ll leave it there.

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