Snow and Sleet Take Two

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Kind of feels like the movie Groundhog Day. For the second Wednesday in a row, the winter weather gods decided to stir up some nastiness. Since it wasn’t enough to be a storm, we got the dreaded “Winter Weather Advisory” which seems to be a catch all when they don’t know how bad it might be but want to cover their bases.

I waited as long as possible and tried to convince myself that it was OK to go. I had salted the driveway earlier but the snow came too fast and it quickly won out over the salt. Then we got some sleet. And then some freezing rain. And then some more snow. It was less than an inch but the radar suggested it was going to keep coming down so I called to cancel.

I hate cancelling my lessons. But I hate driving in snow and slop even more. I did a traffic check and the traffic was moderate but that’s still bad for this time of night when rush hour is basically over. Told me that the roads were probably slush covered and everyone was driving slow.

Confession time – I get a little stressed out in heavy traffic and in bad weather. Maybe more than a little stressed out. I flipped the coin several times in my head because it wasn’t like I couldn’t get out. But I figured that the drive would be unpleasant and then I’d spend all lesson worrying about having to shovel my driveway when I got back so I could get up. Probably not the ideal combination for a lesson so cancelling was probably the right thing to do.

Of course, the winter weather gods decided to laugh at me because right about the time my lesson would have started, we got a break in the snow/sleet/rain/ice. I hate having to play weather roulette. The house always wins. I’m looking forward to warmer days when I don’t have to worry about this. Maybe I’ll do some double lessons in the future to make up for these.

The temperatures are going to be right around freezing. If I’m lucky, the salt will catch up and the little accumulation will be gone. If not, then I’ll have to shovel it off because we are supposed to go into the deep freeze for a day or so starting tomorrow night.

The three legged deer was back tonight. It makes me wonder if animals have some kind of sense about impending weather. It was back before anything started. Naturally, we tossed some stuff we feed to the birds down. This deer though still has a fear of people. It actually looks up to our windows and if it sees us in the window looking down, it runs. Which is difficult with the one non functioning leg but it seems to be getting around as well as can be expected. And it doesn’t look to be undernourished so it is finding food.

Well hopefully, the snow/sleet/ice/rain will move out of here and not interfere with my lesson tomorrow.

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