The Lost Day

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I hate days like today. I developed another one of my long lasting fun headaches that seem to happen only over the right eye. I’ve read so much about various types of headaches and it is like it fits parts of each type but nothing is a perfect match. I do get some nausea but not sensitivity to light. This one kind of made my eye water a bit.

I suspect there is some connection between my allergy shots and these headaches and I think I need to start keeping some kind of log to maybe tease out the connections. I’ve read a lot online (I know the internet is not a substitute for a doctor) and there are mixed messages on the subject but it is a possibility.

I also wonder if there is some connection between dancing on the days when I get my allergy shots. I mean the shots inject a bunch of allergens into me which might increase sensitivity to natural doses. Since they are more common in the winter, dust is a possibility. If I’m doing a lot of work on a lesson, maybe breathing in more dust than normal triggers this. All guess work but it feels like there is a connection. Which is why some kind of log makes sense.

Anyway, I hate days like this because I don’t feel like doing anything but sitting and doing nothing sucks. So I try to do thing but it is hard to concentrate with my head pounding so I have to cut stuff short. Kind of like this post will be.

And I had to cancel my lesson for tonight. I just felt that it was going to be hard to focus on a lesson when I can’t concentrate. Which also sucks because it just means more time sitting around doing nothing. I slept in and took a nap later in the day but it really is just time that makes these things go away.

Did take Rocco for a walk because sometimes getting outside helps. It didn’t in this case.

I was going to write about the last couple of lessons but I’m having trouble finding the right words. And today is a wash. I just wanted to put something out there to kind of explain my gap in writing.

The only good thing is that tomorrow is the last day of January. I know we still have a significant amount of winter remaining but getting through January is a major milestone in the march to spring.

And with that I’ll call it a post.

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