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I like this quote. I’ve always liked this quote. Sometimes, I just need to bring it back to remind myself of the words. See, one of my big challenges has been to shed the mental image that I’m not a dancer. It is hard because I came to this later in life when patterns had already been established. I was the logical one. Not the artistic one. No rhythm. Kind of a clutz at times.

Even now, there are still too many days where my mind is in the “you can’t do this” camp. It is true that I have some physical limitations. My knees certainly complain enough after a dance lesson to remind me that I shouldn’t overdo things. Yet my mind can use those to its advantage. Its a fine line because there are things that end up causing me to be in pain for a day or so afterward. But my mind can expand the list of things I shouldn’t be doing to keep me from pushing the limits.

Well and the knees but this seems mostly true

Where am I going with this? Well I had a lesson last night with my instructor to be named later. (Still haven’t thought of the right one). She introduced me to International Viennese Waltz or V Waltz as they called it. Much faster than American Smooth so there were only a couple of steps that she showed me. It wasn’t terrible. My mind couldn’t quite keep up with the speed so I ran out of moves at some point. Not really ran out – just got caught in the “what do I do next” moment and then the dance just passed me by.

But then we moved to the Waltz. At one point, she says to me that I’m too advanced to not be doing more rise and fall. Then, she proceeded to back lead me through so I could feel how much more she wanted. All I can say is that between that and the Viennese, I was sore in places that I’m not normally sore after a lesson. So I was clearly being pushed.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a good thing and it is kind of what I want from my dancing. I mean this is the first opportunity I’ve had in a bit to work with a more advanced teacher. But it stirs up some stuff. All the insecurities and fears and the like just pop up. Like I’m going to fail and get called out as some kind of poser who really doesn’t belong on the dance floor. No that stuff doesn’t rise to the surface that much anymore but it ain’t completely extinguished either. Kind of like a smoldering ember that can burst back into a roaring fire under the right conditions.

Trust me, I want to believe!

Anyway, on balance, this is a good thing. I just have to deal with my own self imposed limitations.

Fear of failing to reach that potential!

I did change up my workout slightly today. Tried to find more ways to do some leg stuff which is hard because squats are just right out. I can do assisted ones with the TRX but there is a high price to be paid if I do.

It is kind of funny because the new guy my instructor helped to bring in is all about Standard as well. The Famous Franchise seems to focus more on American Smooth. So it is kind of like a secret little group of standard dancers who are infiltrating the Famous Franchise. A cult within the dance cult.

And with that, I’ll call it a post.

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