Another New Year

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I love most holidays. New Year’s Eve isn’t one of them. Just doesn’t really do anything for me. Probably an introvert thing. Also that part of me that is the strong individualist. I see a crowd of people and I instantly want to go the other way.

But I’m not going to rain on anyone’s parade. A lot of people get super excited about the one random day of the year when we toss the old calendar and put out a new one. This year is also the start of a new decade so that may be extra exciting. I will admit that 2020 is more aesthetically pleasing than 2019 so at least this upcoming year has something going for it.

Pretty sure this is one of Dante’s circles of hell!

Aside from the people who just use the night as an excuse to drink a lot more than they should, I guess there are many who seem to believe there is something magical about this one day because someone a long, long time ago decided to start the year on January 1. I mean so many people write lists and assume that this is the year they lose that weight, or get in shape, or get their finances in order, or whatever else people promise themselves.

But I’ll stop going down that path. The other thing you hear a lot is echoed in the same song I quoted at the start of this post. “And a Happy New Year. Let’s hope its a good one. Without any fear.” I mean not this particular wish but the hope that maybe the world will become a better place in the new year.

And I’m of two minds with regards to this. I mean there’s a lot of ugliness in this world and I don’t think that the powers that be really care about one random day. Nature churns on and we will have the usual assortment of disasters and loss of life. There are far too many bad characters still out there so bad things will continue to happen to good people. So it seems a little silly to hang on to some blind hope that the world will magically become a better place.

So is it silly or powerful to hope for better things?

I tend to come down on the side that says hope without action leads nowhere. Also, I don’t like thinking about the problems facing the world because you end up realizing that there are limits to what one person can do. Maybe the best thing is to try and make your own little corner of the world better through actions and deeds.

This is just where I move into the cynical romantic phase. One part of me wants to believe in the power of hope and that it isn’t a bad thing if everyone hopes for better things. The cynical part of me just says hope alone isn’t enough.

Sorry, I’m just in kind of a mood today. I mean last year my Mom died and, earlier this year, I got downsized out of my job. Not sure I want to know what life changing event this next year might bring.

So I’ll just leave you with this:

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