Wrapping up the Week

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Christmas kind of ends before it is even here if you look closely enough. We had the studio party on Thursday which was the last scheduled event for the year. I think people were going to be around on Friday and Saturday but then it shifts to “by appointment” assuming that your instructor was going to hang around.

As always, the theme was “ugly Christmas sweater”. Back before this became a thing, I bought many a Christmas themed sweater for my wife. She likes looking festive. I don’t know that they’d technically be classified as “ugly” but it could probably create some unintentionally embarrassing moments if she wore them to the wrong event.

I was not going to wear a sweater to a studio party. I don’t like sweaters because I don’t like adding bulk unless it is really cold. Plus I get hot enough dancing that I don’t need add extra layers. But to stick with the theme of the event, I did find a Christmas themed Hawaiian shirt with Santa and the reindeer partying in a tropical environment. That’s more my speed anyway.

This was also when all the fabulous prizes for the festival were presented. Well, OK there were only two levels. With enough points, you either got a free coaching lesson or five free entries to the next Showcase. There were participation certificates for those who fell below the prize threshold. Oh and everyone got a Famous Franchise magnet so there was that.

But it is did provide for some humor. A lady who is relatively early in her dance journey got enough points to get the five free entries. She has participated in the last two Showcases. After the first, she swore that she would never do it again. Famous last words. So I started kidding her about how she had to do the next one because she had at least five free entries. Someone else joined in and we had a good time with it. Eventually, she called us a cult which might be sort of true. Of course, we told her she was already in the cult and there is no leaving.

Towards the end of the party, some of the staff started to take down the things that were put up for Showstoppers. I mean it makes sense since it was last week but it is a little weird to see it happening. I’m pretty sure some were leaving for vacation and the marching orders were probably to have the studio cleaned up before they leave. We all said our goodbyes at the end of the party. Sad to think that the next time I go back all the decorations will be gone.

Did some shopping on Friday because I’m retired and can go out in the morning when the crowds are lighter. Of course, all the Christmas decor was on sale. This one store had shoved it all into the center to make room for whatever they plan to display after the holidays. Retail is so fickle. They couldn’t wait to get all this stuff up and now they want to shove it aside before we’ve even reached the holiday. Stupid retail. Always pushing us towards the next big thing.

So I have no dancing until next year. It would be nice to use these skills in a social fashion but my wife is no longer interested so I won’t be attending any fancy ball type events. Which is actually OK because you know I’m all about the casual.

On the injury front, I got my stitches taken out today. The doc says I’ll probably have a scar. And then I instantly thought of a line from a movie because that’s just how my brain functions.

Of course, I need a better backstory than falling on the ice outside my home. Bar fight? Bear attack? Its high enough on my forehead that my hair is going to cover it so nobody’s going to notice anyway.

Well I think that’s all I’ve got for now. We were busy yesterday doing some in town Christmas tourist things and will do some of that again tonight. Now I’m going to go rest a bit. Along with the bruises, I’ve got a bit of a head cold. Not enough to keep me from doing things but just enough to be irritating and to give you that wonderful sick feeling.

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