Habit Forming

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Blustery is just not used enough!

According to the weather service, we are technically under a “High Wind Warning”. Boy those people just love their watches and warnings. Like you couldn’t just say “It’s going to be really windy out there today”. Personally, I’d like it better if they called it a “Blustery Day Warning”. Then you could watch out for flying Piglets.

I guess this is the part of the weather system we are going to get. Better winds then what others are getting. I hope it doesn’t mess up too many travel plans. Nothing worse than trying to get somewhere for a holiday and having the weather intervene. Its just the two of us and we are dining in so no impact here.

But a day like today was motivation for me to help show that the exercise thing is becoming a healthy habit. I mean it wasn’t particularly cold outside (it is getting colder by the minute now) but it was dark, wet and windy. Plus I was a little tired and I had the thought cross my mind to just stay home. Then, I realized I wasn’t going to get anything done tomorrow so I went to the gym.

I’ve noticed it’s been a bit more crowded this week. Wonder if you had people taking time off from work and using that time to do some exercise early in the morning. Its still not super crowded but you notice when there are more people at the various stations. Did some more leg stuff which might not be a smart idea since I do have a Quickstep lesson tonight. I’ll probably feel it tomorrow.

Had a lesson last night as well. This one was with JoNY and they have modified the opening of the Mambo based on my less than enthusiastic response to the first version. The whole hip things at the beginning are still there and they still have side by side stuff but they’ve changed it up just a bit so it is filled with super crazy timing changes.

OwnerGuy was on the lesson with us to teach us the finer parts of the tunnel. He says it is all an illusion. Well technically it isn’t because there are still arm movements and turning but the point was that we keep those smaller than I expected. I’d explain with more words but it is one of those things that just kind of happens and once you feel how it is done, then it is easy to replicate. Getting it up to Mambo speed is going to be a challenge and there is still danger of shoulder tweakage but it seems doable.

Is it Dancing or Magic?

The studio had their annual party/Thanksgiving pitch in last night. Kind of like having Thanksgiving with both sides of the family, this was Thanksgiving with the dance family. Just no drunk uncles starting loud inappropriate conversations.

Because they make me happy!!!

Monday was actually mild for these parts and it was the perfect day to string lights up outside. I don’t do that much because we don’t have a lot of space to work with but the bushes leading to our front door will hold a lot of lights.

I know Christmas decorations can be a sensitive topic. I do agree that Thanksgiving gets the shaft when stores jump right from Halloween to Thanksgiving. But Thanksgiving is especially late this year so I didn’t see a problem with getting things up and turning them on before Thanksgiving.

Besides, it gets dark so early and the leaves are all down and we have our share of cloudy days so it gets positively gloomy around here. The lights make me happy so up they go.

You know I’m not a big fan of winter (understatement of the year). I’m strangely finding myself looking forward to the first big snowstorm. I guess because I don’t have anywhere I need to be so I kind of see myself just sitting inside a warm house watching it snow. Kind of peaceful if you don’t have to venture out it in. Of course, with my luck, it will hit on a Saturday which is usually reserved for the weekly running of errands and purchasing food.

And with that, it is time to find something else to do. I’ll just leave with another motivational sort of quote that I found but couldn’t quite work into the post. It was too similar to the other one on habits but I kind of liked it.

OK, I also liked the sunflower background!

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