Thursday Tidbits

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Even though I haven’t had a regular job since May, I still look forward to the weekends. Not sure why or if that ever goes away. I suppose right now it is because football is on Sunday and I’m a big football fan. Maybe because the weekend still has a different vibe.

This Saturday will be the last day for our outdoor farmer’s market. That makes me a little sad. For introverts, we get kind of chatty at the market. Not with the other people but with the various vendors. I guess you see someone every week and buy stuff, it forms a little connection. You just get used to seeing the faces and having a little chat with everyone.

Its not quite the end of local produce. Stuff won’t really die off until we get the hard freezes later in the year. They have had a winter market the last couple of years so we’ll still have the option of getting a few bits of fresh stuff. Certainly not the selection you get throughout the rest of the year but it is better than nothing.

My dance lesson for tonight was cancelled. Not a big shock since JoNY is down with the flu and it was highly recommended that she take a week off so she’s no longer contagious. They do have a party tonight but I’m seriously leaning towards not going. Not sure why. Every now and then, I just get these strong feelings to stay home. I’m sure some part of my mind is trying to tell me something so I’ll probably listen.

The raccoon came back to finish off the remaining pumpkins. I had three on the porch steps and all three were down on the sidewalk with holes chewed in them. Actually got a video of him last night sticking his little paw in to scoop out the insides of one of them. I’m thinking about cutting the top off one of them to see what kind of a job he did at hollowing out the inside.

We get the sprinkler system shut off tomorrow and I finally took down the hummingbird feeder since we’ve had no action for a week or so. Just more signs that we are headed into the cold and dead part of the year. Sigh.

I’m sitting here typing this with my hand braces on. The change in weather seems to be causing my arthritis in my hands to act up. So I cleaned out my paraffin thing the other day and I’ve used it twice this week. I do know those things are typically used at spas but they help with the pain and stiffness. And if it makes my hands soft, well maybe that’s not so bad.

And Rocco the wonder dog just came to find me which is his signal that he needs to go out. Plus it is getting close to his dinner time and he’s a dog who doesn’t like to miss a meal. So I’ll just end this and go deal with him.

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