Perfect Pink Moment

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I was up before the sun today. Its really not that hard now since we are sliding towards the darkest day of the year. Typical routine. Get up, do the things a human needs to do in the morning, let the dog out, eat something, feed the dog, etc. Started a load of laundry because it is Monday. Then got on the computer to do an assortment of time wasting activities.

Heard my laundry finish in the dryer so I got up to go fold it. When I’m at my computer, my back is to the outside world so I rarely know what is going on. But we have a number of windows in our great room and as I walked out, the sky was totally pink. It was beautiful and strange all at the same time. Because the sky is not normally totally pink so it looked a little alien. But not scary alien.

By the time my laundry was folded, the sun had risen a little more and the sky was back to normal. It was just a moment. If I had been a little earlier or a little later getting up, I would have missed it totally. Was I meant to see an awesome pink sky today? Should I be inspired?

Well maybe not inspired but it did make me think. So many times when you are out in public, everyone is buried in their electronic world. And I’m certainly one of them so I’m not about to suggest we toss all that stuff into the nearest body of water. (Even though that might actually be a good thing)

But how many of life’s little moments do people miss because they live inside their electronic devices. Responding to a text or a tweet or a post rather than observing the world around them. Do they actually live in this world or just exist in it?

There is a lot of good associated with social media and platforms like this. I kind of like the fact that you can make connections with people in different places who you’d never actually get to meet any other way. But what do we lose. If you are walking with your face buried in your device and earbuds in to block out the world, then do you notice when the sky is a beautiful pink. What about the casual smile from a stranger that you might get if your eyes are actually scanning your surroundings. Electronic connections are great but we live in the real world and I think we forget that everyone needs some level of actual human connection. Even strong introverts. We just need less.

OK, I’m getting off that train now. I had a good morning. Got to the gym and got my exercise in. Got a load of laundry done. Next is knocking off some bills and then I’ve got a dance lesson later.

And I had a magic moment of beauty this morning. Maybe that’s the best thing that’s happened all day.

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