No Case of the Mondays

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I have days where I wake up earlier than I wanted to and can’t really get back to sleep. So I just give up and start the day. That was this morning. It did give me an opportunity to get up and observe the world coming to life. Which just meant listening to the increased traffic on the road near my home. The city is tearing up a road that most people used on their morning commute and our street is now the alternative so the traffic is heavier than usual.

I will admit to feeling very happy thinking about all those poor people starting their work week while I was just happily at my computer doing whatever it is I do. (I could tell you what I was doing but you’d probably find it boring) Monday mornings and Sunday nights are now some of the best days of the week because I no longer have to join the rest of the rats on their race to work.

As usual, this morning involved a trip to the gym. The guy I’m now going to start calling SuperFan was back. His preferred football team lost on yesterday so he was once again making the rounds telling anyone who would listen his opinion on the team. The fact that it is the same opinion he’s had for the last four weeks does not seem to deter him. He seems like a nice enough person but he does love to hear himself talk.

Didn’t get a chance to use the ab machine. I don’t know that you really need a machine to do crunches but I kind of like it. Except it seems like everyone else did as well because every time I looked over, someone else had snagged it. The one time it was free, I noticed the last person hadn’t really wiped it down. Yuck. I was wiping it down and then realized it was stupid to use my towel to clean up after someone else because who wants to wipe your face after that. After getting a new towel, I went to get the stuff that actually cleans a machine but someone else decided that the machine wasn’t that bad because they just sat right down.

Then, as I was walking out, a lady was walking in. She was wearing a shirt with something written on it. This becomes a “squirrel” moment for me. Why do I need to read everyone’s shirt slogans? Because they are there. Can’t help it. I see something and I must read it. Its kind of an automatic reaction. It doesn’t help that my eyes aren’t the best anymore but I seriously couldn’t make out what it actually said when some part of my brain kicked in and said “umm, you’ve probably been focusing on that area a little too long”. So I looked at her and she smiled at me. I wanted to say “I really wasn’t checking you out, I was trying to read your shirt”. But that probably wouldn’t have ended well. Trust me, I wasn’t really being a creeper.

I also decided to get a haircut. I’ve needed one for a bit but I just kept putting it off. I mean I’m not working anymore so it doesn’t matter if it gets a little longish. Haircuts are not actually a lot of fun for some of us introverts. If I get a chatty stylist, it isn’t a problem because I can sometimes get a few words in. But if you don’t, then there is just that awkward silence while my mind is going “shouldn’t I be saying something”. Is it just weird to be sitting here quietly? I much prefer the shorter interactions with retail people. With the haircut, you are trapped there until they finish. Probably wouldn’t look good to toss off the wrap mid cut while screaming about not being able to handle the awkward silence.

Oh and summer has still not realized that the first day of fall has come and gone. We are going into October and the temperatures are still supposed to be in the upper 80’s until Thursday. We might actually hit 90. I know there are places in the country that still expect to be hot in October but that ain’t here. The forecast for Friday suggests we will see a pretty big cool off. One of those weeks where you don’t get a gradual change. Hot, hot, hot and then someone flicks a switch and it is cold. Well cold is a relative sense compared to where it’s been.

I am going to see Dad this weekend. He lives just a little farther north but they aren’t having the extended summer that we are. Funny how a few miles can make a big difference. Looking at the expected temps, I probably will have to put the shorts away and break out the long pants and I’ll even have to bring a jacket for the evenings. Oh well, like all good things, even summers here must end.

Well I must now go and pay some bills because I do have to be a responsible adult from time to time.

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