Cool Mornings

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This morning was one of those mornings that fall lovers dream about. Almost made me rethink my commitment to wearing shorts and a t-shirt with no jacket. Since I stopped working, that has been my go to outfit every day. I put on something a little nicer if I’m going someplace. The dance lessons have been strange because it is really the only time I wear long pants.

This is one of the little things I just love about summer. I don’t know but not having to think about how many layers to wear is kind of liberating. I’m not really a layering kind of person. When I need to, I’ll put on a loose fitting sweatshirt but that’s as far as I can go. Just don’t like fabric covering certain parts. I have certain parts that seriously need to be covered so you’ll never catch me walking around shirtless.

But the cool weather likely explains the splitting headache I had yesterday. Also why I didn’t write anything yesterday. It is hard to get into a writing mood when it feels like someone is taking a hammer to the inside of your skull. Still made it to the gym but the relief there was only temporary.

I am a people watcher. And I mean in the sense of a detached observer like a scientist studying an ant colony. (That’s the best I could come up with) People do a lot of things that annoy me but I still find them interesting.

The football fan was back yesterday. He was in a happier mood because his team won but he still made the rounds talking to several people. Same stuff as last week. Player A is the best in the league. The QB (Player B) sucks and should be replaced. Blah, blah, blah. I realized two things. One is to not take wins and losses by a sports team so seriously. Two is that when you say the same things over and over again, it makes you kind of boring. I’m not really sure I’d ever want to talk to this guy because he’s just so single minded.

Kind of like why I hate talking politics. Most people confuse opinion for facts and simply repeat their opinion over and over again as if repetition will be enough to change someone else’s mind. That person has their own set of opinions disguised as facts and they generally aren’t going to listen. But it gets old hearing the same old stuff. Like my cousin. I debated muting him for another month because he’s always with the same boring stuff. I guess when you think both sides are the problem, then it is hard to read someone who is so one sided in their views.

Today, there was this lady who I’ve seen multiple times. There’s a guy she likes to shadow and talk to. Can’t quite figure out the dynamic. Friends but she seems to want more and he doesn’t. That’s my guess just from observing. Might not be true but the little dramas I make up in my head are usually more fun than the truth. Anyway, he got a good workout and she at least watched a good workout.

Also drove my old place of work today. I do that a lot after returning from the gym. The street to my house is one exit past the exit for my old work place but the highway doesn’t run straight north/south so if I take that exit, I’m actually farther from my house. But it is kind of desensitizing to just keep driving by the place knowing I don’t have to stop in.

Today is also double dance day. I know we are going to work on the Argentine Tango parts the coach showed us last week. Hard to believe that was only last week. It seems like such a long time ago. Time passes in a strange new way when you don’t have work to ground you.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this morning.

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