Frittering Away a Friday

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Had a recruiter contact me through LinkedIn yesterday. Maybe I don’t need a photo. It was actually a remote position but I said I wasn’t interested. I suppose I could have spoken with her and received more details but I’m not in a place where I even want to do that. Besides it seems dishonest to string someone along if you really aren’t interested.

She ended with the standard recruiter stuff about how if I know of anyone looking for an opportunity, she’s always expanding her network.

I remember reading tales of woe from recruiters about people being mean to them. Now, there generally isn’t much call to be nasty to another person but recruiters intrude on you like an very much uninvited guest and then they want you to name names. That’s just not going to sit well with some people.

It makes me wonder what kind of a person actually likes doing this. I guess you could think of yourself like a buyer for a retail place – always looking for the best. Except we are people and not commodities. It just seems like it would suck surfing LinkedIn and randomly calling people hoping to find the “perfect” candidate.

Its like salespeople. Can you really like that job? Talking to people to convince them to buy something they really don’t need. I mean think about it – how much stuff do you really need. OK, when our furnace broke down we did actually need to buy another furnace but most of the time it is just stuff that you really don’t need and this person is trying to convince you that you do.

But, as they say, different strokes for different folks. I guess it is just proof that people are wired differently because I’m sure some people really actually love those types of jobs.

I wonder how many of them could see a bird face in the car in front of them. (Should have warned you about that abrupt segue) We were taking Rocco the wonder dog to the park and my running lights were reflecting off the car in front of me which was a Mazda. If you aren’t familiar, this is the logo that was on the back.

Its a bird beak! You can’t unsee it now!

Imagine two little circles of light as eyes and it makes for a bird face. I originally thought of an owl but that’s because I think owls are cool. The”eyes” were just too small. More like a hawk. And, yes, I know that they don’t have a circle around their beak – sometimes you take creative license with things you randomly see.

I was going to tell my wife but she probably just would have said I was wrong. Plus, she was in the middle of a work story and it would have been rude to interrupt her with my vision. Yes, I was paying attention but my eyes were focused forward like they should be. I can’t help it if things just pop into my head. Just feeding my creative side.

Now, I’m going to share something that I haven’t told anyone else before (unless I wrote about it and forgot but I don’t think I did). Its a little weird. Back in February, we had to put our nearly 18 year old dog to sleep after we got back from vacation. As with every dog I’ve had, I’ve had dreams about them running free and having a good time and she showed up in a few dreams.

Then, I had a very weird one. In this dream, I saw her and I knew she was gone and not supposed to be there. Every time I tried to touch her, she vanished. After a couple of time of doing this, I remember telling her in my dream that it was OK and that she could cross over. And this felt so real that I remember thinking about calling a friend of mine who sort of specializes in this kind of stuff to tell her about the experience. Then, I woke up for real. Funny thing is I haven’t really had a dream about her since then.

Now, the logical types are probably just going to say that this was my subconscious just coming to terms with it and that I was more forgiving myself than allowing her to pass on. And that could be right. It was just a little weird.

That seems like a good place to end this.

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